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Micro Niche Finder Review – software search tool to find untapped markets of the place

Micro-Niche Finder by James Jones keyword is a software tool that allows you to find untapped niche markets to dominate through SEO. The main use of this tool is its ability to find market niches and keywords with low competition with reasonable amounts of searches.

Micro Niche Finder is easy to use. All you have to do is enter a keyword based on the market you are interested in. For example, you can put on dogs, dog house or Digital Cameras, and click the search button.

The software then would be a list of keyword phrases with information such as the number of searches day and the level of competition. There is also a column called forces of competition that gives a bird's-eye view if that keyword phrase is competitive or not. Green means it is easy to dominate the search engines and red means there is some difficulty.

Once you have found some keywords it seems easy to master, does not necessarily have to build an entire website for him. To monetize the traffic, you can create a blog on blogger or create squidoo and hubpages for each individual keyword phrase.

One of the advantages of using these web2.0 sites is that they already have high page rank and will rank in search engines easily. Along with low competition, a blogger blog or Squidoo lens will surely be top of the search results.

Mico Finder site also allows you to export the keywords to an Excel file. If you are new to the keyword research, this software is easy and simple to use compared with other research tools keywords in the markets.

The results are returned quickly and are quite accurate also. The software is also reasonably priced and there is only one payment. Most research tools keywords in the market are based on monthly subscription.

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If you are looking for a simple software that allows you to locate untapped keywords with ease, i recommend Micro Niche Finder. Check out my in depth Micro Niche Finder review and learn more about this SEO keyword tool.

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