Minidv Digital Camcorder

Minidv Digital Camcorder

Sony Digital Camcorders – Simply the Best

When shopping for digital camcorders, several options are available. Some of these options involve the characteristics of products, features and price ranges. This also exists objectivity when purchasing any product from sneakers with the furniture and toys to SUVs. Another way that a different type of product is through the company that produces it. Today, Sony is one of the most trusted names in electronic equipment, including its line of Sony digital camcorders.

Sony was launched under the name Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation. Mr. Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka founded the company in 1946 and then changed its name to Sony in 1958. "Sony" is a combination of Latin words which is the root of the word "sound", the English word "sunny" and the term "children Sonny," which in Japanese refers a nerd.

The first major consumer product that the company sold was an audio recorder that Sony put on the market in 1950. Sony is known worldwide for making the first transistor radio that can fit in a pocket (1957), the portable recorder known as the Walkman (1979), and the famous Playstation video game system (1994).

Just before the first Sony digital camcorders were released, the company made two video cameras innovative. Sony introduced its Betacam in 1982. This camera was produced for the professional recording via television. The initial units were analog, though the Digital Betacam was added to the arsenal of Digital Cameras from Sony, in 1994. Many of Sony's Digital Video recorders (VTR) can play all analog and digital Betacam Sony formats.

Sony Betamovie In 1983, based on its Betamax format, became the first domestic camcorder. The compact video head drum this camcorder was subsequently used for analog video cameras made later. Today users find the Sony digital camcorders Betamovie be large. In fact, one could not hold it with one hand, so that users often set the camera on his shoulder. However, camcorders that followed Betamovie were even more swollen, as units lacked Betamovie play and rewind functions.

Many Sony digital video cameras offer on the market today. These fantastic products vary significantly in appearance, features and price. The primary groups of Sony digital camcorders are: hard disk camcorders, DVD camcorders, Hi8 camcorder, high definition (HD) camcorders, MiniDV (digital video) camcorders.

Since its inception in 1946, Sony Corporation has become a leader and innovator in the world of digital electronics. Following the tradition of Betacam and Betamovie, Sony digital camcorders on today's connotation of the best of your company and the best in the industry.

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