Mirror Lens Canon

Mirror Lens Canon

Camera 500D – Canon Eos 500D Rebel T1i

Since the early days of digital photography, which include mainly the use of electronic devices. Although the image quality in the initial period, compared with analog photography was pretty horrible, so the direct availability, direct editing heavy, I print directly to most of the cases, the disadvantages of lack of quality.

For cases of truly exciting photograph I took my two analog SLR to date: a Rolleiflex and a Minolta.

The Canon EOS 500D is my first Digital Slr. A gift from the family on the recommendation of a distributor of photos.

The initial experience.

Focus and speed automatic, fast and accurate in all modes. In any case, this is true, with the supplied kit lens 18-55mm IS. In monitoring approach remains correct, and also for moving images fast enough.

Manual focus, of course, work. But why? Exposure and focus can be set in the field or evaluation. This is sufficient for practice.

Handling: This material is good. The camera seems robust and stable. Only in comparison with the magnesium-Teddy Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus is seen and felt it better.

The camera is ideal for my hands not the best, but it can work well with him. The "low" weight has its advantages and disadvantages. The balance is therefore more in the direction of the lens, you have to have less. Stabilization of the hand is not enough given. Anyone who comes from a Compact Camera and has never worked with a DSLR, the camera is, but as a very high quality and very large.

All buttons and controls are open after a short acclimation. The monitor is of excellent quality.

However, the monitor is only used for movies and for settings. In the pure shooting mode, turn it off permanently, because I'm used to at first, use the viewfinder of a digital SLR, and the second is the Live View focusing a slow wit.

What is exactly the Live-View? In my opinion, a pure marketing gimmick for people who come from digital compact cameras. The viewfinder is much faster and the first images the way you want them and how you see them.

I can use the movie mode in version 720p. Dame perfect, and the results are reproduced at 30 frames per second, also in a liquid. Unlike others, I can find the video function is very nice and helpful. Here you must use the monitor step, since, because the mirror appears, the display stays black.

On the main point: How are the photos?

I can only write something about the standard system, ie the stabilization of body image with the kit lens 18-55mm.

Pretty incredible in my eyes the level of noise, image stabilization and the details of the camera in poverty, with little light. I rode in street lighting, pictures, clear images of moving objects not hand in hand with ISO 1600. Super.

Here the noise performance of the camera is really good. Both RAW and JPEG fine. Inside, I leave the flash and the images are generally 1A.

Allows you to identify the flash of a face against a light background, for example, add the control of the camera performs great work: The images are not "flash is dead" but really lit up by the competent authorities. The rest, of course, remains.

The level of detail is very high, although many details are available, which differ in color. BUT: In contrast to low light, texture behavior of sunlight in JPEG mode is better. Whether the program, opening or aperture priority and even in purely manual recording level> texture behavior, and also the climax of treatment are not optimal.

Texture says: The surface treatment. Here for example is my shepherd dog in the snow white with sunlight, sometimes even a white mass with two button issues, and I long for the opening, time, white balance, etc experienced. DAS may also have a good compact better. This could be, as is the dynamic behavior of high dynamic range of the recording in JPEG mode, with a firmware adjustment mE be improved.

However, the 500D camera, but very good camera, fast, with excellent image quality in almost any lighting condition, which dedicated fans to photography offers everything you need when you do not want to shoot in the rain or the Sahara. Image quality in RAW mode is probably as good as in the models of two-digit and APS-C Nikon and Canon.

I do not know yet whether I'll be. If I had chosen a digital SLR and do not get this as a gift, is likely to become in a Pentax K-7 Why?

I once had with a Rolleiflex in the Sahara. After the repair and cleaning was almost as expensive as the camera itself. A water and dust tight enclosure is mE worth a lot and for a reasonable price it offers in relation to a body of magnesium and video recording, only the Pentax. > How will they see. Because, from this level of photography, target = "_self" title = "Canon EOS 500D"> EOS 500D back in the class of Compact Digital level now, even () more.

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