Mju Stylus

Mju Stylus

Capture every detail with the Olympus Mju

A leading manufacturer of digital photography, Olympus has led many innovations in the fields of image its extensive market research and application of new technologies. Olympus, a Japanese company, was formed in 1919 and has since enjoyed success considerable and rapid growth. Formerly known as Takachiho Seisakusho, the first product was an Olympus optical microscope.

His first photographic product Olympus was the semi-I launched in 1936. It was a 120 Film Camera-roll with a fixed Zuiko 75mm F4.5 lens, once more a product of Olympus. Olympus introduced the world the first half of the frame Single Lens Reflex (SLR). With trend-setting products in the imaging field, Olympus has subsidiaries in many countries, including Europe.

The series also known as Mju Stylus and Stylus Epic includes some of the more Olympus Camera models sold to date. With a mechanism clamp closure shell, these cameras are compact, lightweight, stylish design and come in different colors with various specifications. Olympus Mju cameras are water resistant and shock testing.

The Mju 820 is an Olympus Digital Camera. It comes with 5x optical zoom and a resolution of eight megapixels allows capture every detail. The Mju 820 offers you an excellent preview in dim and bright illumination because of its giant 6.9cm HyperCrystal LCD technology cm. BrightCapture technology ensures your photos are perfectly even in low light. You can encourage your memories with the Mju 820 recording feature film that offers up to three hours of video. This camera is available in blue, black, red and silver.

With an impressive 12-megapixel resolution 3x optical zoom, the Olympus Mju 1200 ensures you do not miss the smallest detail and his images are very clear. Face Detection technology results perfectly focused faces with the correct light exposure. The HyperCrystal LCD with high ISO setting allows you to review and share crisp photos with friends. The Olympus Mju 1200 has 20 scene modes to capture photos in different situations. Furthermore, the TruePic III image processor enables crisp image with excellent quality.

Other cameras include the Olympus Mju 770, the Mju 840, Mju 1030, the Mju 1010 and Mju 800. Olympus Mju cameras are easy to use and easy to operate and can be used by both amateurs and professionals.

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