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What Jermaine Dupri, Young Jeezy and Mickey Avalon all have in common? All approved rise of mobile phones. In fact, all three appear in a commercial for Boost Mobile Phones together. His music is the anthem 2.0 commercial that came out in 2007. However, the anthem 2004 original ad came out in 2004 and featured Ludacris, The Game and Kanye West. Boost Mobile has certainly targeted the younger phone users with a range such generous hip-hop talents that appear in only two ads, seems to be working well.

Jermaine Dupri is most famous for his production work, he produced for the Anthem 2.0 commercial, and less for her rapping skills even though the track also hit. Young Jeezy is a rapper hailing from Atlanta, Georgia and is most famous for such hits as "I Luv It" and "Love In This Club", a song by Usher Jeezy was presented. Finally, Mickey Avalon, a Hollywood underground rapper who is also part of the rap group known as the Speedreaders dyslexic.

Rappers Kanye West, The Game and Ludacris are also quite a diverse group. Kanye West is also a producer and rapper from Chicago, Illinois and is famous for the controversies it has aroused. The game is the west coast gangster rapper who is famous for being part of G-Unit but has since broken the ties and become famous as a soloist. Finally Ludacris is the rapper from Atlanta who has dominated charts for the last decade.

Although popular music has still a wide range, including many popular rock, pop and country acts, not is surprising Boost Mobile Cell Phones focus on hip-hop community. The community, much like the acts in commercials, continues to diversify to attract a wider audience. Producers of Hip-Hop acts are now working with more pop and even rock. Take, for example, Black Roq, a new group with the kids Black Keys playing with rappers like Mos Def and Q-Tip. Now pop singer who join rap star to appear in many songs on the radio. It is clear that rap and hip-hop will to grow as we expect gender and continue to expand their reach. Therefore, there may come a day when a company Boost Mobile Phones does not focus on the community youth, but are focused on the community as a whole. Yes, Hip-Hop and rap have the potential to get that big.

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