Mount Lens Camera

Mount Lens Camera
will letting my telephoto lens dangle (attached to my camera) when I’m walking damage anything?

if my camera is hanging from its strap around my neck, and the lens attached is a 35-210mm telephoto, will the dangling damage either my lens mount, or the lens itself?

Back when lenses were made of metal, there was always some concern about the amount of torque that a really long lens put on a Camera Lens mount. It was possible, in theory, for it to distort a lens mount.

Even back then, though, it didn’t become an issue unless you were dealing with something like a 70-200mm 2.8 or a 300mm 2.8(or bigger). What I always do when using a lens like this is to carry the lens, and let the camera hang off the back of it. In fact, some lenses even have strap lugs on them so that you can hang the lens from your neck rather than the camera.

In general, though, camera lens mounts are designed to support at least the weight of the camera, since the preferred arrangement with a heavy lens is to support the lens(whether with your hand or on a tripod) and let the camera hang off the back of it. Thus, if the lens is significantly heavier than the camera(more than twice its weight or so) I would worry. I would doubt that your lens weighs this much, though, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

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