Neoprene Lens

Neoprene Lens
Scope pop-open lens covers?

One of the accessories that has moved from military usage to civilian use is the pop open lens covers. Some are see-through and some are solid. I just looked through my scoped guns and see that I’ve mostly used the neoprene ‘boot’ covers for my scopes and a few of ‘cup and elastic’ covers. None have the pop-open covers and I’m thinking of putting them on some future projects like my AR build.

Have you used them?
What brand are the best?
What’s the advantages?
What are the disadvantages?

Thanks for your valued input and opinions folks! DJ
If you know my answers, you know I don’t prescribe to an abundance of hunting gadgets being sold on the market, but this one looks like a good one for keeping crap off the lens.

I used the Butler Creek in the past, but I do intend to put them on my Nikon when I get around to bore sighting it. As to what Is the best I don’t know. The Leupold set is aluminum, but only come in a limited number of sizes and screws to most post-January 2005 Leupold scopes. May not work with other scopes, however i don’t know.

Advantages; it like boots or cups, cover your scope and protects them, but I’ve had the elastic stretch out an no longer hold tight. If anything with the flip up, the spring might break, but will still securely cover and protect the scope from dust and moisture. See models through allows you to snap shoot without flipping the cover open. Flip ups can’t get lost like cups or boots, always on the rifle.

Disadvantages; The Butler Creek flip up buttons are plastic and well at least look like it could break or be knocked completely off. Haven’t seen it happen though. The little flip open button is red. Don’t like that, but a black marker makes short work of that.

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