Nikon Canon Pentax

Nikon Canon Pentax

Sd1200Is Canon – Point and shoot camera Grande

I bought this Canon SD750 Digital Camera after I broke, and so far has been wonderful. Take high quality pictures and is very portable. I'm not one of those guys smart camera as I know a lot about the different options of a camera can do. I'm more a "if you make good pictures, then I'm sold" type man of the camera and this is a great camera if you are looking for something that you can take anywhere and have great image quality.

I've heard complaints about the navigation buttons on the back, and though not as easy to use (to the extent that the buttons are concerened) as my old SD750, I have found to be problematic or troublesome. The only thing that could make this camera is better if you remove the optical viewfinder. It would have more space for more LCD screen. But that's just my preference, some people prefer to have the optical viewfinder. So in conclusion, great camera, great price. 100% would recommend it to those who you want something simple do the job every day to take nice clear pictures.

target = "_self" title = "Canon SD1200IS"> Canon SD1200IS – An Amazing Camera! I am so impressed!

I was very impressed with this camera. Only recently have bought and taken hundreds amazing photos with it.

Before this camera had a Nikon Coolpix, but then took a bath, I needed a replacement. This camera is very small, so it slips easily into your pocket and is lightweight, so it does not weigh down my wrist.

The image quality was very good. Tome that was so amazing photos. The features and options of the images also help to highlight the colors of certain landscapes.

I recommend this camera someone who is looking for a good digital camera. It is portable and fits my needs. Can be used as a joke on camera about
(The taking of photographs with your friends on a trip or at a party) or a digital camera that takes quality pictures that you want. (The other day I received some amazing photos on the beach, with modes beach and sunset.)

Canon SD1200IS – Choice of Great camera

Just wanted to say I looked everywhere for a new digital camera that my two previous Pentax cameras broke into me and I chose the Canon Powershot (in pink of course) and no can be more happier with my choice. I went to local stores to see the different camera options I was looking for and found that this was the best for me a general. I came home and ordered it right away mainly because I find it cheaper through Amazon, then I would have paid stores. Thanks again, I love my new camera and all they can do.

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