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Pink Sony Cybershot Review

If you buy an expensive mobile phone daily with a high resolution camera or the phone they really want and a separate stand 'alone' Digital Camera?

Camera phones have improved a lot over the past 5 years, from the small screen blurred images in high resolution and flash, and of course the possibility of sending the image to family and friends (at a cost).

However it is really means to digital compact cameras? not appear to be the case at all, in fact, the opposite happens, every year the sale of Digital Cameras around the world seems to increase this year is more than 120 million cameras, but does not mean that camera phones are declining? It seems otherwise well, Camera phone sales are also growing.

This means that consumers feel the need for both devices.

Personally I have a pretty descent camera phone for those times when you just have to take a picture regardless of the quality, and then there are times like going to an event as a wedding, birthday or other important event where we want the best possible quality image and the camera is too. And of course the quality of most cameras come with video function to record moving images as large as a camcorder.

Lets face it, relying on your phone phone to do a great job at a wedding is a bit optimistic, although I'm sure that has been done by someone.

But what about the future, advances in telephony mobile technology to destroy the camera industry? realize the digital cameras have a future?

Well, in my opinion with a "gadget all singing all dancing "is great in principle, but the camera is also advancing technology, new features are being developed, so how can you put everything into a single unit. The answer is you can not, something is sacrificed, you will end up with a very good camera that you can make a phone call or a phone with very good that you can have offspring with photos.

The future of digital cameras of course, includes the option New spotlight as the new Nikon, and finally, camera phones will have this too, but with an inferior quality, and personally I can not wait for see this technology used the projector.

The ability to take photos or video, then instantly see on any wall or surface with a projector built in opens all kinds of possibilities, and add to this the ability to send images anywhere in the world, carrying his MySpace or Facebook page, edit on the fly and mass storage all these digital cameras are here to stay. The popular Fuji Fine PIX is a great example of a modern Compact Digital camera, light, large photos, feature film and mass storage capacity.

However, it will be a few years before your wedding photographer takes out his phone to record happy day, and if he / she does then I want a refund.

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