Nikon Tamron Pentax

Nikon Tamron Pentax

Camera 500D – 8 weeks have been a Holder of the EOS 500D

Camera 500D 18-55 IS kit lens and Tamron 28-75 and 70-300 and shoot Fremdoptik over 25 years (before R4 analog Leica, Minox, Minolta Dynax, small div.; Digital: Canon A1, Epson 3000Z, Panasonic FX-1, Nikon Coolpix 3100, Canon Digital Ixus 65, Panasonic FZ18, Canon G10)

Since I am the Canon G10 with the same resolution (15MP) and processing the signal processor Sung (DIGIC IV) and I'm very satisfied

I thought that price levels would have a better image quality and greater accuracy AF.

But after a short break and usable pictures just had to realize that the kind of entry-level SLR can not be the quality of compact cameras achieved. While there is no noise up to ISO 800, but also ensure sharp images. I think you can color reproduction, which can be calibrated if necessary, by software.

At first I thought up to me, but also photos with tripod and Distance blur have been issued.

So could be sure that is not due to interchangeable lenses, I have to compare two L-optics and it faces and the images analyzed on a PC.

Then I borrowed a Pentax K10D and repeats the same photos. At one point they were all sharp.

This camera with both posted with Canon optics in Willich. After five weeks and I have after call without an error report when adjusted back to me. Become a better, however, is nothing.

Surprisingly, the image quality and accuracy of the AF in Live View "is so much better, because the camera only takes 2-3 seconds to focus. For most of the moving targets completely unusable.

After searching the net we found out that Canon has probably often focus problems. Nikon can hear the other hand, little or nothing about these problems. Maybe not the best quality control and try to have downgrade at the expense of prices defines quality. Well, you have to settle for less megapixels and a higher cost, to resign, but when I think of the persecution now … and my camera is in the 5 weeks he had to "repair" and $ 200 cheaper now.

Meanwhile, I have learned that not so useful extensions, such as frosted glass replacement in the 500D Camera Work also plastic housing is very stressed. Buy a better camera 50D if you want to stay with Canon.

The video function is nonsense! Each movement zoom and focus to generate unacceptable noise.

The document can Kamp improved markedly and there is more depth and more benefits, such as Video Camera.

In general, I can say that the 18-55 IS kit lens is really good, better than the target = "_self" title = "Canon Eos 500D"> House 5 times more expensive 500D 70-300 IS (of course that is harder and it seems the sound). Also, the Tamron has not convinced (this camera).

Perhaps adjusting for the size of the sensor (APS-C with EF = problem?). The Tamron I have not published, but now on Ebay offers again. The Tamron, however, appeared significantly higher quality of Canon lenses, especially with more accessories such as lenses belende belong to delivery.

If you want take the services of a specialist commercial advantage, buy only original accessories.

However, the most expensive stores brought me nothing. The guys at Calumet are not very talkative and advice I have received none. That play in the league "professional" and available at such cheap cameras? S without advice.

Another camera was not offered to me. Apparently I am the 500D "Camera" type.

So silent camera purchase at Amazon.

Now I'll try to be happy with Nikon. Since there are not as Ver (w) aberration with EF / EF-S.

Check Now the best price! …

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