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Olympus Evolt

To use USB to charge batteries

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a power and ground with a bidirectional data port. USB can connect all kinds a wide range of USB brings both opportunities and challenges. This article describes how a simple Olympus lithium battery, charging methods and techniques of termination fee. It gives a complete example of the circuit used to implement the USB port for charging NiMH intelligent, and gives the load data.
Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a power and ground with a bi-directional data port. USB can connect all the implementation of a wide range of USB provides opportunities E-E300 battery technologies, charging methods, techniques and load termination. It gives a complete example the circuit used to implement the USB port for charging NiMH smart, and gives the load data.
USB Features
USB bus can provide power at low power electronic devices. Bus-power and energy insulation, and has a very good stability. However, the current provision is limited, USB 2.0 standard specification is available from USB organizations for free. To achieve full compliance with regulatory criteria, through a device draw the maximum current of 5 units of the load.
USB ports can be divided into low-power port and power port into two categories, port low-power unit can provide a load current, high power port provides up to five units of the load current. When the device is connected to USB port, the device enumeration process to identify and determine their needs for charging. In this process, only to allow the device from the host developing a unit of load current. enumeration process is complete, if the host power management software allows, then the high-power devices can draw a larger current.
Some host systems (including downstream USB hub) through fuses or the switch current limit active provides workflow features. If the USB device is not the USB port through the enumeration process starts with drawing large currents (charge more a unit), then the host will detect over-current condition and will be shut are using one or more USB ports. The market supply of a number EVOLT not work controller to handle the enumeration process, but the current consumption is greater than 100 mA. Under these adverse conditions, these devices may cause the host problem. For example, if a drawing 500mA current device in a bus powered USB hub, and not correct the enumeration process, can lead to a hub port and host port low-power mode. The equipment can be included in a function to communicate with the host controller is always a good practice, even for the same is true for devices voltage and input current. Under the present power, high current power connection with a different objective. This was mainly for the welcome and the load between port, which has maximum 500mA of current. Passive, bus-powered USB hub with a low current port. Table 1 shows the high current USB ports and low water flow is less than 0.5V. If the normal workload that requires more input capacity, should provide inrush current limiter, to ensure a load capacitor largest current does not exceed 100 mA.
When the USB port with a bus-powered USB hub, the center on access for low-power device, USB port in a fall CC will cause overloading of the bus.

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