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Sleep Bags, 10 proposals

We have spoken many times with the same bag, sleeping bags that you are removing pieces of our hearts, bags that are difficult to buy, but a reward for a lifetime, why do the bags from the same bag glowing Olympus, in many cases for years and years, for others forever. What determines the success of a bag? I think it's more than beauty, but each has something to tell a story, something that makes us feel very complete. Today sleeping bags we see models and brands that are at the heart of fashion addicts and that sooner or later we all hope to have in the closet.

First there is the Hermes Birkin, one of the bags that were more successful than ever, that after years and years and always in style, coveted by the girls and shows off all the stars and Hollywood stars. The Birkin is named after the singer and actress Jane Birkin, who was Jean-Louis Dumas, owner of Hermes in 1984 to spend. The Birkin Hermes has been designed by a thousand leather and many colors, because they just put in an expense account very important, but must also put on a waiting list.

Secondly, the other bag heels of the house Hermes, Kelly Bag, this is designed in various colors and different leathers, all wonderful. The Kelly Bag is the name of Grace Kelly, actress and princess who uses this Hermes bag to hide her pregnancy, a photo of this episode went around the world and the stock market became the most desired period and remains so now, after more than fifty years.

Among the bags must not forget the dream house Fendi, a loaf of bread has been proposed in different ways and continues to claim victims among women worldwide. In a season another Fendi is a brand that cares more about women.

What about Louis Vuitton, French fashion designer who, with his director Marc Jacobs continues to captivate art all fashion addicts. Louis Vuitton handbags are the dream of every woman, symbol of brand value as the famous collection of the House that the brand has created in collaboration with designer Takashi Murakami, a collection combining historical Louis Vuitton releases a more cheerful and colorful.

Fifthly we have the brand Balenciaga, its leather handbags hammered are most loved by celebrities, are designed in many fashion colors and different sizes, townhouse style fashion chic Spanish conquered all.

Sixthly, but we have the Christian Dior handbags, bags are a dream come true, beautiful, elegant and feminine, my favorite is the bag IT House, the famous Lady Dior bag dedicated to Princess Diana, who is now the star of the special campaign of Marion Cotillard.

Then there are Prada bags, a symbol of Made in Italy in the world to turn from station to station confirmed as the most desired by the girls and of course by the stars. The last Prada bag-obsession is the proposal of Sappho and the fabric of lamb, this season has conquered all, Sienna Miller was seldom home, perhaps just for the carpet red!

Closely followed the wonderful Gucci handbags, historical Italian brand that brings together the authorizations of all women worldwide. The Gucci bags is a plus, are literally, coveted by the girls.

Ninth is still an Italian brand, actually one of my favorites Bottega Veneta bags are very special, wonderful and valuable, which is characterized by the motivation of embedding, a wonderful texture and a perfect season is designed in different ways, true to this style of fund that determined the success of the house.

Italy still in tenth place, and do have bags Tod's. The mark of Diego Della Valle has been a success layer, the likes of Julia Roberts, literally, crazy for the casual elegance of Tod's.

Do you agree with this ranking? Here is another classification as they are, in our opinion, ten bags have made the history of fashion.

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Anna Millman is a designer handbags collector with special interests in birkin bag, Gucci handbags, Prada bags etc.She loves handbags and writes a great many online articles for information relating to designer handbags.