Olympus Lithium Ion

Olympus Lithium Ion
Deciding on the best camera?

Okay, I am torn between getting a 10 Megapixel Olympus SP570 or a 9 Megapixel Sony H50. The Olympus has a 20x zoom, the Sony has a 15x zoom. The downsides of the Sony are that it has hardly any shooting modes and it is only 9 megapixels. The downsides of the Olympus are that it takes 4 AA batteries instead of A lithium Ion which I have always been a fan of. It also doesn’t have the nightshot, the smartzoom, the in camera retouching, and the smile shutter. I wish I could take them both and pick and choose what I want, but of course I can’t. I have a sony right now and I love it, but I just don’t know what to get.

I need suggestions please…if you know another camera in that price range that would be better please let me know. I’m looking to spend $400-$600. Thanks!

If you want to do photography professionally then i would suggest a nikon D40x or D60 but if you just want a camera to take pictures with and has good quality sony has some nice smaller cameras and I would recommend a sony over a olympus just because I have had better luck with them!

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