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Optical zoom Samsung G800 is the future

Along with dedication and specially created photographic functions, the Samsung G800 mobile phone now includes most of its competitors can offer and also more than the Samsung phones do high-end. The Samsung G800 has a built in music player that supports all major formats including MP3, AAC +, AAC and WMA. The G800 offers users worldwide access to wireless Bluetooth stereo headphones and connectivity 3G HSDPA.
Samsung's dedication to the world of electronics and information and communication revolution has been on display with their phone offerings mobile, electronics and other devices launched in the past. However, the Samsung G800 clearly steals the show with its innovative technology. The phone comes with a stereo FM radio and a memory of 160 Mbytes internal! This range of memory is enough to retain and release a la carte about 40 music tracks. And that's not all; Now this function can be expanded with a micro SD memory card.
The Samsung G800 is announced for an excellent connectivity through the strong support of Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0 and TV out. It is a 3G phone and supports updating and improving high-speed 3.5G. The 7.2 Mbps HSDPA on the Samsung G800 is now offering a download service which is equivalent broadband speeds! The phone also has a web browser that is built. The Samsung G800 can handle RSS feeds and the ability of blogs as well. Email is handled without effort, a relief for the business user. Support for various accessories is now available and can be viewed in Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF, with its construction in the reader. The Samsung G800 is an exceptional addition has generated renewed interest in the world of mobile telephony. Samsung has finally launched the G800, a product that sets standards to be judged as the best phone so far, users around the world.

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