Optical Glass Canon

Optical Glass Canon

Reflex Camera 450D

I have the 450D camera for about a year or so.
I spent all colors, heat, cold, sun, beach … I miss the snow and then only I really try them all!

That is, the machine gives me great satisfaction, has everything you need. 12 mega pixels and peak, spot metering (useful in situations difficult) as the House has not 450D.

Ergonomics is good, especially if your hands are small and thin, otherwise this can be overcome through installing a battery grip that can significantly improve grip and add that little extra weight that serves to better balance the machine package-optics "Especially if you fit a target heavier than the kit 18-55is.

Build quality is good, although it is entirely of plastic. In fact, I feel comfortable, because the weight is relatively low.

The buttons are well established, easily accessible.

The large screen works well and the glass The cover is very strong: despite spending more than a year remains intact with no signs of a zero (or hate the film covers the screen in general).

The photocell that automatically turns the screen is really useful, save a lot of battery!

In terms of image I'm happy for fans seems more than satisfactory, I participated in several competitions and has given me no problems compared models much more powerful and expensive.

The only drawback is the viewfinder and noise at high ISO.

The viewer is inside buietto small and a bit ', I would have liked something more to stop a little, but I already knew what they buy … have entry-level professionals and cons …

The sound is a bit "more annoying, 800 ISO is too intrusive. Care, which also using ISO 1600 and brought home yet impossible shots (combined effective optical stabilizer kit) and print the photos is another matter, however, are acceptable.

The equipment is standard, no more than absolutely necessary and that's good!
Add one last thing … but this video does not interest me at all!

450D Camera: More Details …

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