Original Fujifilm Case

Original Fujifilm Case

Digital Camera Battery Maintenance

We must have a digital camera bar! We are not with a camera would not have electricity! Feeling of not doing so would not have no electricity in a few! Now I'll show you the camera maintenance batteries Digital Camera Batteries digital technology
The use of the original battery charger and will also help prolong the life of the battery. For the loading time, then depending on the charger and the battery and use a voltage if the disorder and other factors.
There are remains of battery power, try not to repeat the charge to ensure battery life. Even in the digital camera to show the battery is exhausted, in fact, the battery is still a little residual power. If the case in the absence of stay several times a rechargeable battery, the battery will gradually shorten. To make use of time to restore the original level we need several times to "completely exhausted after charging." At this point we can use a small flashlight to address this issue. If 5 batteries rechargeable batteries can claim to power rechargeable flashlight exhausted.
Turn off the LCD screen of this power-hungry to use the optical viewfinder. If you need to initiate an LCD screen, it is best transferred to its brightness, or use a small way of black and white. This will save all the power and battery life.
Scheduled to be fully discharged and then recharge the battery, the simplest way is to use the charger or charger adjustable pulse.
Do not use with old and new batteries at the same time. Even with a unified brand new battery and can lead to damage its own Digital Cameras, the circuit or relevant departments are at risk, so the use of old and new item we must note that.
Loading of the matter is generally good due to the battery contact points caused not clean, so to be very normal with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the battery contacts.
Pay attention to the temperature of the load and use which is particularly important for batteries nickel metal hydride. If it is 0 ° C to 40 ° C ambient temperature under the Jvc BN-VF815 battery. Below 0 ° C below the internal rechargeable battery will not load properly, resulting in the recovery of function continued to decline. Superior load at 40 ° C, run the risk of leaks.
If long time not using the camera, removed the battery from the camera and placed in cool and keep dry.
Irrespective of the use of rechargeable batteries that are not immediately after loading in the use of digital cameras would be better just finished charging the battery to put a little time, this was mainly due to the burden of Fujifilm S5 Pro Digital Slr Battery just completed its closed-circuit voltage can be higher than the nominal voltage value, if the camera immediately, the camera be related to the internal circuit elements involved. Therefore, the best rechargeable batteries, such as self-discharge of the rated voltage and then use them. By course, full of power rechargeable batteries are not put aside a long time, so it does not have the benefits of rechargeable batteries.
Finally remember that if is not the first condition for using the AC adapter regulated power supply, the best is yet using the AC adapter regulated power supply, if the cost of rechargeable batteries is still high. Most digital cameras are equipped with its own AC adapter power adapter regulated. In Use should be preceded by a clear get your AC adapter external power supply voltage 220V 110V voltage yet, because if the plug is good, is easy burning the power and even the camera. Much less are free to use another adapter regulated power supply, due to the production of different camera makers cameras produced in the adapter voltage, current, and the differences in specifications and other aspects, are free to use the wrong adapter power supply regulated, ranging from easy to damage the camera interface supply possibly due to severe stress, the current does not coincide with the camera and record.

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