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Panasonic Dmc

Panasonic Dmc FX500 Digital Camera

The Panasonic DMC FX500 is a 10 megapixel camera with a 5x optical zoom lens. It has more features than any other pocket sized camera that we reviewed.

Why buy the Panasonic DMC FX500?
If you are looking for a function of rich pocket camera then you will be delighted by the DMC FX500. It has manual exposure controls, a Wide Angle Lens, high definition video definition and a 3 inch screen. A number of options controlled touch screen.

Besides these there are also features stabilizing holders Picture a scenario to make it easier to see the LCD when the camera is an aid above the eye and brackets. You can also increase the amount of zoom available when shooting at lower resolutions.

Image quality target = "_blank"> Panasonic DMC FX500 test shots

Outdoor 1 (Medium Zoom)
The DMC FX500 is particularly well when handling lighter colors in the shot. This camera is capable of displaying more details on the ships that most Digital Cameras use. When it comes to the colors blue and green have a natural feel for them. The approach is strong without hitting the same levels as the covenants of better management.

Outdoor 2 (No Zoom)
This scene is a tough test for a camera with a lens as wide like this. In terms of focusing the camera is doing well, although a small amount to let the light and brightness as you move towards the edges.

To the Outdoor 3 (Maximum Zoom)
With full zoom lens in the DMC FX500 does well enough when it comes to focus, but not earned a place in the fourth top digital cameras pocket size.

Outdoor 4 (Building)
My final outdoor is further evidence that tests how well the camera is able to concentrate. Based on this body of evidence of the DMC FX500 does well enough without the best match. I would give it 7.5 out of 10 for focusing distance.

Outdoor Portrait
No problems here. The approach is good with the camera is much closer to your subject. The extra color to help capture create a warmer portrait. I think the DMC FX500 does well to find details in the darker areas of the photo.

Interior Portrait with Flash
Even with the flash in the DMC FX500 manages to keep the color in the shot. In general, this picture works for me. Again there is no problem with the clarity of the shot.

Interior Portrait without Flash
I would like to have seen more of brightness and sharpness in this picture. Due to the DMC FX500 not be able to pull in enough light shot noise starts to creep in. This takes the edge off the definition of injection. Although not a bad effort I prefer the indoor portrait with flash.

The passage of time, I think Panasonic digital cameras have lowered the tone of the colors that produce a notch or two. I think this is a good thing that the colors have now a more natural look to them.

This is a decent macro making. I would say that puts the DMC FX500 in the top 25 percent of Compact Digital cameras for close-ups.

ISO 400 and ISO 1600
There is nothing unusual for my high ISO tests. There is noise, even in the lightest areas of ISO 400 shots. Increase noise levels in the darker areas of the shot. At ISO 1600 the noise is a problem in all areas.

Maybe not up there with pocket best digital cameras, but a worthy effort, however.

The DMC FX500 produced a series of shutter lag times who were on the slow side of average. The times were produced 0.44 seconds for a single photo and 15.48 seconds for five photos. With the flash on times increased to 0.54 seconds for a single photo and 17.5 seconds for five photos.

It took 3.08 seconds to turn the camera and take a picture.

You can compare this camera with other models to look at the target = "_new"> Shutter Comparison Chart.

Style: It seems rational The DMC FX500 is a regular digital camera pocket big enough. Available in black and silver.

Dimensions: 94.9 x 57.1 x 22.9mm

Weight: 155 g

Battery: Lithium ion. Panasonic supplies both a battery and a charger with the DMC FX500 as standard. Panasonic estimates you should be able to take about 280 shots in between charges.

Memory Card: 50 MB of storage have been built in the chamber. I was able to take 16 photos before it was full. The DMC FX500 is also compatible with SD and SDHC cards.

href = "" target = "_new"> Ease of use rating: Very Good. Considering all the functions included in the Panasonic DMC FX500 have done a very good job of making the camera easy to use as possible.

Points I like:
Ease of use – high definition movies – LCD screen angle high – design – manual exposure controls – Touch screen controls

If you could improve:
A touch more brightness in some of the photos

As the DMC FX500 stands on its own when it comes to features it is impossible to choose another pocket sized camera is a real alternative. Another more basic pocket camera worth taking a look at the Canon Ixus 90 IS.

There is no doubt that the Panasonic DMC FX500 is an impressive camera when it comes to the amount of functions included in its compact body. The image quality is good too and all in all Panasonic has been a very good digital camera.

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