Panasonic Lumix Dmc

Panasonic Lumix Dmc

Canon Powershot D10 vs Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1

Both Canon and Panasonic has announced its first Compact Camera shock and waterproof at the beginning of the year. If you is still unclear which camera is best for you, you can find useful information and comparison between the Panasonic Lumix Dmc-TS1 and Canon target = "_blank" title = "Powershot D10"> PowerShot D10.

Both Digital Cameras are water resistant, but if you want a camera that can perform about 10 meters under water, then target = "_blank" title = "Canon D10"> Canon D10 would be his best shot. The D10-shaped submarine porthole with screws and bulbous shell and express that pure Digital Camera is actually under water. But on the ground, you realize the size of bulky Canon D10. D10 is easy to press buttons and a large LCD screen where the icons are large and pleasant, even with mask, snorkel, will have no difficulty in seeing the icons. It also contains large mouths screw in each corner mounting the camera in different grips underwater.

Now let's look at the other Waterproof Digital camera, Panasonic Lumix Dmc-TS1 can only be used up to 3 meters underwater with a completely different approach. The elegant rectangular slab shape has made it difficult to distinguish from the usual camera does not last. Compare Canon D10, the buttons are smaller and shooting modes can be selected by a thumb line instead of a dedicated button. However, you lose the low usability water with TS1, perform better on the ground and this must be one of your considerations.

Another big difference is that the TS1 fire in the AVCHD format at 720p, where only the D10 videos VGA 640 x 480. But the video recording mode of TS1 is not the most polished, there is a two or three seconds later it hit the dedicated video button to starting and stopping the video and its very clear when exactly everything he does start. If you agree with this delay, you will surely love the excellent movie mode high definition. Lumix DMC-TS1 is currently undergoing a major error when importing the video footage in iMovie. Leading TS1 AVCHD format is quite annoying and may require the installation of special import codec video in your favorite software video editing and then convert it in easy.

Both resistant the water with digital cameras are shooting 12 megapixels and have the same size CCD sensor. However, TS1 ISO goes to 6400 when only 1600 for D10. A difference that really matters is the wider angle lens TS1, which is an effective focal length of 28mm-128mm zoom lens f/3.3-f/5.9, where D10 is only 35mm-105mm f/2.8-f/4.9. The color reproduction through TS1 Leica lens is much better than the D10. Moreover, the TS1 lean to autofocus under water more easily compared the D10.

In case you are not a shooter dive professional photography, toughcams benefits can also be done when taking pictures of their children's bath time without worrying about the camera wet or dirty hands, shooting while in the middle of a barbecue, or anything like that. Whatever happens, always have the freedom to use the camera in a humid environment and comfort. So the conclusion is that if you care about form factor, you should go with Panasonic TS1 Lumix, Powershot D10 will be difficult to fit into a pocket without a bulge serious. But if you usually go deeper than 3 feet under water, you Canon Powershot should go with D10.

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