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Basic Photography Digital Slr – The magic of macro or close-

Nature is full of wonderful art. Macro or close up photography is one way to expose your Digital Camera magical powers.

My introduction to macro photography came a few years ago when I was on vacation in Georgia. Macro photography is taking pictures at about 1:1 enlargement, or even closer.

I had purchased my first digital camera, a model 3-megapixel digital compact.

And I know the camera was just playing with the settings and such. Since he had left the instruction manual somewhere (and who actually is, even scans anyway), I was having a bit of frustration to figure out what the icons were, over the line.

One or symbols was a small flower. I had no idea what that meant, but I figured that ultimately could have something to do with the flowers that were all around me, so I took a couple of photos. I tried to get as close as possible to obtain details of the petals of beautiful flowers.

Let me tell you, these pictures changed my life. I became intrigued by the idea of all the macro. When he finally came to a reflex digital, the first vintage of the lens I bought was a macro lens.

I seriously recommend getting a dedicated Macro. They are well worth whatever the price, and are also very versatile because it can make use of them for various uses of photography such as portraiture.

There are some things to consider when fires closely.

  1. Use a tripod whenever possible. The closer the subject, the movement that most affects the shot. A tripod will save much frustration, minimizing the possibility of movement and blur.
  2. Set your aperture to a very small adjustment, preferably more than F/13. The reason for this is that you get closer, the depth of field that have the least. F/13 Settings af/32 will give more detail in the photo.
  3. Beware of shadows and bright spots. Early morning is the best time to shoot almost any shot nature, but is especially nice for the first planes. The brightness of the sun causes harsh shadows and bright spots extinguished. You can also remove the shadows and glows with a shadow. A disk or umbrella folding very good job to reduce the effects of bright sunlight. There are even times when the shadow of your own body will save the shot for you. Be creative.
  4. Avoid conditions wind. This goes along with the tripod. Any movement for its theme will be the ruin of his image. This is another good reason to shoot early in the day when the environment is more quiet.
  5. Get a dedicated macro lens. This has already been noted, but the repetition of bars. The lens will correct for the application is your photos so superior. producers use special glass lens to bring out the best results, and configuration of the glass is made so that you can get much more close that when using any other type of lens.

Try Macro Photography. There are several ways very interesting and textures that you only after downloading your images to your computer or print them.

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