Petal Crown Flower

Petal Crown Flower
What flower is this? Night, the smell of jasmine, Florida?

I've been looking for descriptions and pictures of jasmine, but vicinity is of it is the Night of flowering Jasmine, Tree-of-pain, Tree of Sadness (axis Nyctanthes-tristis) however, these little flowers come in clusters, like a bouquet of flowers, and pistils are long and slender petals during the day they are brown and closes …. many of these small clusters growing together on a long stalk, and flowers in May and November. The plant is a tree, long, thin branches with clusters of long (8 inch) thin (3 inches) sheets ends, which grow in the formation of corona. Thanks for your help! They smell beautiful!

you are correct they are called "night blooming jasmine" that small sweet and soft. Truly intoxicating on a cold autumn night in Spanish are often called "Eo-ler night" loosely translates to the smell of the night. There is also a variety called a confederate jasmine vine

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