Petal Len Hood

Petal Len Hood
Does it make a difference if the petals on a lens hood are shorter/longer?

Is one better than the other? I’ve seen many lens hoods that are barely anything, and some that seem to be longer than my fingers. Is any one better? Or are they all the same whatever length?
And what’s the difference between a lens hood with petals and one without?

Like the first person said, they’re all built for a specific lens. The reason they’re shaped the way they are is that, since the side of the picture is wider the petals have to be shorter to avoid showing up in the picture. If a lens is wider, the petals will be smaller all the way around. Once the lens becomes very wide (or super telephoto) there’s no need to cut the hood anymore so they just make them simply round.

To prevent you from putting the wrong hood on a particular lens, they use a bayonet system that makes only one hood fit (and only in the correct way). The hoods can also be reverse mounted to prevent wasting space in your Camera Bag.

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