Photo Backpack Bag

Photo Backpack Bag
Is this Kipling backpack fake or authentic?

Yes, I know the photo is kind of small and hard to see. But that’s why I am asking. This bag was on eBay for a cheap price of around $30. (And that was the only photo online of it.) When I asked the seller if this was authentic, the seller replied that it was real with its original packaging. But I don’t understand why it is so cheap. Kiplings are supposed to be close to $100. The seller has 98% rating which is kind of low compared to other eBay sellers. Should I trust and buy this item? What would you do?

I agree with CUrias…it is real. The seller cannot sell a phoney bag without getting into trouble. I have purchased many things on ebay and and have success and confidence. Go for it. It is cheap cuz the seller doesn’t have a high mark up as the “good” stores do and they want repeat customers. Nordstroms have like a 500% mark up at
least. Good luck 😀

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