Photo Camera Backpack

Photo Camera Backpack
What is the best Digital Camera for me to buy?

I do a lot of hiking/backpacking and travel. I want something durable, with a good battery life, that is compatible with a Macintosh computer, etc. I have a little experience with an SLR 35mm, but am more interested in a point&shoot for this camera.

I want something simple that takes photos well enough that I can get the photos printed and hang on a wall.

Get a Canon. They are one of the most reliable digital camera makers (according to, and they have been reliable for me. What I suggest would be the Powershot series, which comes in a range of prices depending on how much quality you want per shot. I suggest the A or S types of the Powershot. Oh, I have a Mac too. Just as long as you have a USB port, it should work perfectly.

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