Photo Camera Canon

Photo Camera Canon

Dslr CameraCanon Powershot A480 Digital Camera

Specifications: The Canon PowerShot A480 is one of the newest level Canon x. It uses a 2.5-Inch Lcd Screen. Like most cameras in its class, this model is powered by 2 AA batteries. "

Specifications: Basic designed for a comfortable and casual use. It has a 10 MP sensor and a 3.3 x optical zoom It uses a 2.5-inch in any pocket, it looks a little fat and To put it bluntly, do not be disappointed if your expectations realistic. The use of AA batteries is actually somethingcomfortable. If you forget to bring the charger with you you only get a business will reduce some of the new AA batteries. Two AA batteries can shoot up to 200. The picture quality of this model is quite good, as long as will not fly the air, images printed in size. It has been) a time of rapid onset and a quick shot to shot speed relatively READ MORE

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