Photo Camera

Photo Camera
I have been asked to video tape my cousins wedding. Will my digital Photo Camera be good enough.?

I do not have a stand alone Video Camera but I do have a camera that also records video and sound. It is new and seems to take good video.
The camera is a Fujifilm Finepix S1000 10MP/12X Zoom. Should I buy a regular video camera or will this be good enough quality.

Let me answer this simply: No unless there is no way to use anything else. That being said let me make some recommendations. I’d imagine that he isn’t looking for the best quality job, but I’m sure that he doesn’t want a terrible picture either. I would recommend for you looking at getting a decent HD sd memory camera. This way you don’t need any special equipment to get the video on your computer and its cheep. Something like this would probably be fine just keep it on a tripod as these cameras are extremely shaky. Just make sure you get a large SD card (4gb) to record on. A wedding is a special event you dont want to look back on it in poor quality. Idealy you would want some sort of mini-DV setup, however as you don’t have any of that equipment just stick with a good HD memory camera. They sell lots of these and have them on sale quite often at best buy as well. I don’t think that spending 150-200 is too much to spend taping a wedding. And although this setup wouldn’t be the best it would be miles better than a still camera, at a small price.

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