Photo Sling

Photo Sling
i hate that fact that I WANT TO BE LIKE THEM?

Im 15
I hate it when i look over photos on facebook or something
seeing other girls in my year
even OLD photos of them
they look stunning
so pretty, perfect, fashionable!!!
im not unfashionable but they always have like amazing clothes that cost £20 an item and i dont have that sort of money! I am flat chested, not fat but not skinny/petite, hair is never perfect…
Their hair is always perfect, always has been
They are so pretty, with or without make up
Get all the attention from the nice boys
Amazing bodies, able to wear skirts above the knee
Enough boobs to wear a low slung top
Why cant i be like that?

Honey I think the only reason you cannot be like that is becasue you are 15. Now lookie here my little spring chicken, your only 15 and your body is still growing (just not fast enough for you), that is all. These girls developed their figures faster than you, but in time you will catch up, and what is more Honey you will over take them. There are just a few little things you need to learn and one little bit of patience to go with that too, and I bet you in 5 years from now, its YOU that is going to be the stunner. Just you listen to Aunty Billie, who’s had a life time of lifes experiences.

Now here is a little lesson I am going to give you tonight, true it may not make you feel better right now, but in a few years time you will come to understand exactly what I mean, and maybe even remember that once a total stranger gave you pretty good advice.

Let me ask you a question, which I want you to think about and then answer yourself to yourself, and I bet you will come up with the following conclusion.

The girls you envy right now, obviously get more pocket money or earn more than you do at say a weekend job, and what do they spend all their money on ? Yes, make up, clothes, hair, nails, going places where the guys are etc etc etc. But in all honestly would any one of these girls be like a best friend to you ? the answer is NO!, and why, becasue they are air heads. All their concerned with is looking fantastic, catchng the boys eyes, but were you in trouble and needed a shoulder to cry on, would they be there for ou ? again NO. SImply becasue all they literally live and do is think about the way they look, and how many great looking guys they can attract.

Sit back and watch how long anyone of these girls keeps that good looking guy. If he is no an air head like them, and just too fulll of himself vain and conceited, there romances do not last long. And the reason for this is, looks will attract a man to a woman etc, but unless they are likewise personalities and characters, have more to say in life other than the latest gear etc, they just drift apart. In a way these group of girls are more in competition with each other rather than attracting the guys, always trying to out do one another with the latest style hair, or lowest cut blouse/dress what ever, or the shortest skirt.

But you have developed personality, and an interesting character, I can just tell that by your words, I bet your the one that does have best friends that would always be there for you.

So OK right now you do not have the money to go out and buy a new wardrobe, not money to spend on your hair, and lets face it, hair alone costs a fortune just to have it cut and blow dried, let along having steaks or extenstions. But your day will come. Mother nature will suddenly decide to give you a spout of group, the bust will develope, circumstances will change, and you will find you do have a little more money to spend on yourself, and when you finally leave school and go to work, you will have all the money to really change your style and image, and you will do that just naturally, without anyone telling you to, for we all do that as we learn to know what suits us best both in hair styles and clothes. We all learn naturally how to make ourselves look the best.

You say they are even good looking without their make up, but that is becasue you are so obsessed with them now, you think they are so perfect, but they are not. And were any one of them to really sit down and talk to you, confide in you etc, they would tell you what they hate about themselves. Oh yes, they may look perfect to you, but no one is totally happy about themselves, may only be they think they have rotten knee caps, but no one is total perfection – Thank God too, what a boring world it would be if they were.

OK maybe these girls are not air heads, but they are it seems to obsessed with how they look, and they think that is what the guys want. Well guys are not as narrow minded as that. Yes they notice the outstanding looking female straight away, but if they are looking for a serious relationship, they want the personality, the character and a girl that is fun, a girl that is loyal and true, for that is the substance that keeps relationships alive.

So sit back, look at these girls wish you were like now, note things about them, how they do their make up or their hair, how they wear just an ordinary say t-shrt but put one shoulder slightly off the shoulder, sit back and learn their tricks, and then get a heap of your friends round you home and have an evening of experimenting on each other. Honey boys are attracted to lesser busted girls, if they have personality about them just as much as they are to the stunners. Looks only attract, being funny, or having a good sense of humour, being a good friend to the guys, joining in on the things they like to do, will not only attract you to them, but they will keep hold of you.

OK so none

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