Photographer Bag

Photographer Bag
Is this a good team for a novice photographer, please answer this?

Canon Digital Rebel Xti 18-55 mm EF-S Camera Bag battery grip filters Sandisk 2GB SD Card Canon Speedlite 430EX Flash disease also is shooting live bands / band photo / and maybe a couple of shots of my friends .. I'm 13 .. uh .. oh .. which will be sent at night, with a lot of lights .. uhm .. unless your Warped Tour as / Projekt Revolution and my city has a Warped Tour mini thing .. uhm. i plan on getting this henrys and itll cost 1446.20 with taxes ..

Yes, it's great. Kit would be a dream for many. I suppose you are in Canada, then. I do not know exactly what type of change is now, but that's a lot of money to spend. As I mentioned in my reply, you can holding the camera, lens and flash U.S. $ 830 B & H Photo. This includes the battery and all that is typically included with the camera, but not the memory card it would cost perhaps U.S. $ 30. When some places together "outfits", which actually you rock for accessories. At least this kit has no liquid lenses cleaning or a tripod cheap. Compare prices with B & H Photo ( and see if we ship to Canada. Henry would be an excellent salesman, but I'm more who are not familiar with them and I do not know anything about the current exchange rate, either. Use B & H as a comparison to see what a dealer sells the team honest at a fair price. If Henry is close, then go for it. I have some better lenses myself, but please ignore the answer that tells you that the 18-55 kit lens is garbage because it is not. It has been suggested that lens costs more than U.S. $ 1,000 that is simply not necessary yet. Not even know if you like photography, however, so do not spend much money on a lens. Hey, Nikon might come over once you know what you're doing, so do not get a Canon lens thousand dollars yet. 🙂

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Caden Dslr Camera Bag Shoulder Messenger Bag Ladies' Men'S Photographic B Camera

Caden Dslr Camera Bag Shoulder Messenger Bag Ladies’ Men’S Photographic B Camera