Polarizer Filter Lens

Polarizer Filter Lens

What are Polarized Sunglasses?

When sunlight is reflected in the flat and smooth road surfaces, water or snow, which produces glare. This effect reflects mainly affects the eyes when you are involved in driving or any other outdoor sport. The glow makes you feel uncomfortable and divert concentration. polarized sunglasses are made to absorb sunlight. These glasses can absorb up to 97% of the light.

The iris is present in the eye off automatically when exposed to bright light or glare. But given the strain on the eye when the intensity is higher. The use of polarized sunglasses tension almost extinguished eye level and virtually eliminates glare.

Polarized lenses were invented by Edwin H. Land in 1936. The property of light is that, traveling in waves and vibrates in all directions. When this light is reflected from any flat surface, the vibrations are oriented in the horizontal direction. To counteract this, the lenses make polarized light vibrating in the vertical direction, stopping the vibration and reduce glare.

Polarized lenses are made lightweight materials made of plastic. The materials used are CR-39 or polycarbonate. These have a polarizing filter closed. These lenses are also polarized available as designer sunglasses. So you can look fashionable and can have a clear vision free from glare.

Many brands well-known manufacturing quality polarized sunglasses, but have a high price. Polarized sunglasses look alike are available on the market price low. It is always advisable to choose brand polarized sunglasses as the quality is assured. The authenticity proof booth by turning the lens polarized in one direction and check if the intensity of light through the lens changes. A duplicate can damage the eyes and what is better to invest some money to protect your eyes with brand polarized sunglasses.

People suffering from eye problems such as nearsightedness or farsightedness or presbyopia can even make use of polarized lenses and enjoy your game excitement full of adventure.

Polarized sunglasses have disadvantages in a downside. By blocking the rays reflected certain characteristics of the snow relief can not be visible. This becomes a serious problem when you are involved in snow skiing. Also at certain angles, they become invisible as LCD screens also LCD is polarized light. While driving, the car shows and many roads are only LCD screens.

The advantages of polarized sunglasses to overcome the deficiencies. It is essential for polarized sun glasses when participating in outdoor sports and you can get a round of $ 75 to $ 300 with different brands.

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