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Do Moths Fly Off When They Come Out Of Their Pouch?

I found a moth catterpilar in my back yard. It was going to snow so I decided to save it. I put it in my little hermit crab cage (the hermit crab was not there, it died). I cleaned it out i put some bedding it it, some lettuce and a live plant. Couple days later I noticed the catterpilar had gone into a pouch. So, I decided to keep it until it comes out. Well today it did. It’s orange with black spots.. but any way I took it outside and it just got on it’s plant and never moved. After a little while I got it back in to it’s cage. Can he fly now? Should I try to realease it at night when they are active?
I know it’s not a butterfly! It’s a moth! I know the difference between the 2

I doubt it is a monarch – those are only in the chrysalis for three weeks, and just any old leaves would not have been decent food – they have to eat milkweed. It would have starved without food for even a day.

Regardless of what kind of lep it is, it needs time for its wings to dry and to acclimate to its surroundings. Insects are cold blooded. Monarchs have to reach 86 degrees before they can fly. (I breed butterflies, I know.) Moths are probably different… but if it is still cool outside, that is why it didn’t fly away.

If it is a moth, it doesn’t need to eat. Adult moths generally don’t eat, and just exist to reproduce. Most moths can’t do that for a few days after they hatch anyway. Most live about three weeks. So wait for a day over 60 degrees and let it go within the next week or so.

If it is a butterfly, you can feed it sugar water. Put a cotton ball soaked in it in the cage with it. They don’t need to eat much – they generally only eat once a day. If it isn’t eating, you can try putting it on the cotton ball. Butterflies have taste buds in their feet.

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