Pouch Case Nikon

Pouch Case Nikon

Choosing your Digital Camera Bag

For the purposes of this presentation, we consider the following categories:

The sleeves of the camera
Digital Camera Bag
Slr Camera bag / Camera Shoulder bags
– Camera Backpacks

First, let's start with the simplest of transport. This category is called: Sleeveless cameras digital. The concept is as simple as it can be. You get a sock fabric for your digital camera, and you have to call a manga, because people feel more comfortable playing a sleeve instead of a sock. But once you look at the architecture of the 'bag' you realize that the sleeves are, by definition, open both ends, while the means were opened just at one end.
Provide protection against scratches and keep your camera or mobile phone or looking Mp3Player new and shiny for a long (more) time. They are ideal if you plan to carry the camera in a briefcase or purse. In short, if you plan to carry your camera in a carrier the largest gap.
+ Very lightweight
+ Take minimum amount of space
+ Low price
Provide protection only against scratches

next segment is addressed to the point and shoot cameras. To make things clear, aim and fire is the name given to digital compact cameras usually do not require installation too long before taking a picture. They have a lot of automatic functions and the user is more favorable because of that. Ok, Camera Bags that carry these pacts point and shoot camera bags are called.
The camera bag is rigid sleeve, and therefore offers more protection to the contents. The protection comes at the expense of the volume and feel, ie the camera Bag Digital is more voluminous than the sleeve. In general this is what I recommend you go if you have a compact (without interchangeable lenses) camera.

bump + And scratch protection
+ Room for accessories
A bit bulky compared with the sleeves camera

Time to move to the professionals. Perfectly natural, this category of bags of bags called slr camera. It will take place mainly any Dslr Camera on the market today and a lens or two. There are pockets of padded walls, more pockets for accessories, usually a Shoulder Strap and almost always a quick release buckle and zipper. Here, of course, you can go for big players like Tamrac, Lowepro, Crumpler and Kata.
Offer protection against bumps and scratches, and some are even waterproof.

+ Convenient solution to bring your camera and accessories
+ Fits Slr Cameras with one or two lenses and accessories

Last but definitely not least is the category camera backpacks. Of course, we are not going to go into details because this is the domain of experienced photographers, and that goes beyond the purposes of this article.
href = "http://www.nikon-camera-bag.com/9-camerabackpack"> Camera bags are designed around functionality and have much capacity. Most of them now also have a slot for a laptop. Usually, inside the backpack has adjustable dividers making it more easy for the photographer to strap on your particular computer.

+ A lot of carrying capacity
+ Adjustable dividers
+ Very comfortable (if well chosen)
– Price

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John has been shooting harmelssly left and right, ever since he put his hands on his first Film Camera in college. A while ago he decided to take his passion one step further and so he started an adoption center for digital camera bags.

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