Power Charger Adapter

Power Charger Adapter

Shopping Tips reliable Charger For Dell Latitude D400 laptop


DELL Latitude D400 series of portable charger is defective, follow options here

Power cable that has 2 parts, a spare big block Charger and detachable cable outlet is on, sometimes it is conceivable that the replacement brick charger may be bad or 3-pin power cable may be. If the cable is damaged just change to another cable, you can simply purchase the good or the power of two three-pin power pins on the model of the cable.

Sometimes it is probable that adapter is broken. when that status, customers must purchase a

new Cable for Dell D400 Latitude laptop series. While you buy Nbbatt.com power cord, you may request a replacement at no cost to you 1 years term.

It may be likely that during changes in power supply. Special AC Adapter made by common protective power trip that turns off the adapter AC to protect your notebook.

In this state, simply pull the cord from the laptop, also on the wall and off the power cord the charger, again reconnect laptop is to start working normally.

Confirm that you have see PIN connection with power supply before buying.

Image Representation Dell Latitude D400 Ac adapter might get a DELL Latitude D400 AC Adapter

Entrance – 110V to 220V / 50 to 60hzs
Power output: 18.5volts dc / 3.5A
Power: 65Watts
amps – up 3.5A / media 2.4a / 2.74amps / 3.5a

1) Do not drag on the AC adapter plug removal. Be wary of outlets dealing Power cord, AC adapter cord may cause defective shock burnfire and Power. Replace damaged his power supply with a

new Dell Latitude D400 Charger series

2) Do not curl or twist the power cable from the charger. We can protect the battery charger inside becomes how to keep damage as straight as probable.

3) Do not let the power cord by the parties, for example, holding doors, windows, the middle of a table and a plug

4) In any State not place your laptop near the heat source. This can damage the AC adapter cable to put the charger in a warm.

5) If you put overweight items in their supply or power cord can damage internal wiring and cause more heat too.

6) If you are roaming throughout the AC cord safely and try to keep away from devices such as alumina link with gold, silver, instruments and much more serious when the contact points in the final + he-sees, can unexpectedly becomes short in the adapter.

7) Do not forget to get aside the power cord from the PC when not to use laptop for a long time.

Charger can be terribly hot while those are in use, and heat is the bane of all electrical items. Many customers are both the power cable from your PC to the ground while in use. Put the power charger on your desktop in place, where you can get enough air flow. Otherwise try to make sure that your power supply is not remains under furniture. The charger is cool, the long can increase battery life.

Shopping online is easy at nbbatt, we Bringing many professionals Professional Service Shops laptop. Servicing customers since 2001. We have professional staff that can help customers with the power adapter and others. We offer 1 year replacement warranty the products we supply. If your power cord may be non-functional, are ready to replace it with a new one. Returns are soft nbbatt.com

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