Power Supply Cable

Power Supply Cable

The purchase of a power supply

If any component that is extremely vital to the functioning of a computer, is the power supply. The power supply must be top priority when choosing components, when working with a fixed budget, invest in the electricity network and commitment elsewhere. The power supply is perhaps the most important module in all computer systems, which supplies energy as stable and consistent for all other components in the system,

Power supplies must not produce and dissipate too much heat or noise. inadequate supplies of energy are almost always overrated at its maximum power numbers. A rule of thumb is that one should buy as good quality power supply as one can afford to reject sudden failure, data corruption and possibly physical damage to components. If you are building a completely new system, go for anything over 400 watts. Select the power supply that fits in the cabinet you have chosen. Also make sure there is enough clearance so that it does in interfering with the other occupants cabinet. Choose a power supply compatible with the motherboard and other components that are planning to fit into the case and also one that offers additional plugs updates if the computer later.

Almost all computer power supplies have three voltage rails (3.3V rail, rail 5V, and the 12V rail).
Wiring is an industry standard circuit board will be:
-12 V BLUE
RED +5 V
WHITE -5 V (May not be present in newly manufactured supplies)
GREEN POWER-ON (Active High – should be shorted to ground to forcing the ignition)
Gray powder-OK
PURPLE +5 V standby
(Please check with the manufacturer's specification, which may vary)
Make sure the connections and components fit. Go to an ATX socket 20-pin/24-pin (as appropriate) and sufficient 12V Sockets Molex (4-pin Molex connector / connector Serial ATA / PCI-Express) to feed different peripherals inside the computer case. Today's energy supplies modules are available in the cable can be connected and disconnected many outlets provided in the power supply. In this case one has to use only the cables necessary. This prevents clogging inside the cabinet. It's a good idea to wear sleeved cables. Go to a power supply with cooling fan and less noise. Never trust a seller of his words. Take a more superior, trustworthy and reliable, even if it costs more. It will give you years of comfort.

I repeat again that the power supply should be the highest priority when choosing the components, when working with a fixed budget, invest in the power supply and commitment elsewhere.

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