Powershot Car Wall

Powershot Car Wall

Make Money with your basic Digital Camera

Seven ways to make money part time!

For over 25 years I made good money taking photographs. For 12 years I had my own studio, which was built on past experience as a freelancer. For the next 12 years I worked for a manufacturer of criminal investigation equipment and writing technical manuals and take photos to accompany.

I was introduced to digital photography shortly after joining the company. They gave me a Canon D30 3.5-megapixel, single-lens reflex model. I literally wore out the camera. It reached the point where the sensor showed weakness in the center of the images he was receiving. This camera was replaced by a Canon Rebel, 10.5-megapixel model.

I tried to buy a D30 for my personal use, but had stopped, so I settled for the Canon D-60, with 6.5 megapixels. The D-60 was suspended knowledge to do what I suggest, make money, even with a basic camera.

My current personal arsenal of cameras now includes three canons: 50D, a Rebel Xsi and PowerShot A630. The PowerShot is estimated at 8.0 megapixels and is the camera I carry with me in the trunk of my car.

Now go to the heart of of the bells and whistles of my 50D (15.1 megapixels). Notice I said many, but not all!

I paid over $ 1,000 for the 50D lens. I paid $ 200 for a PoweShot used. Most of the photos I took with the PowerShot seem quite large in the standard print size 4 "x 6". My extra money with a base of the camera, like my PowerShot, you need to explore markets that require smaller images. Here are just a few:

Seven ideas for a good part of lifetime

1. Website photos. I recently did a photo shoot for a local attorney in his office. He organized the entire photo shoot and provided to people (family and friends) is shown in the photos. It took about 1 ½ hours. My normal charge in this city is $ 300.00

2. Inventory home. Fire, storm damage and theft are best evidence of photographs. But the photographs are also an ideal method of recording what had in place before the incident. Do not wait to claim your 54 "flat screen plasma TV was stolen, if you have a photo displayed instead. I can charge a fee Basic $ 75.00 plus $ 25.00 per room.

3. The newspapers and local magazines. The economy has slammed the media in recent years. Journalists and photographers have been fired or leave. But we still need editors photos. Make a portfolio of their work and visit publishers. I can charge $ 20 – $ 25.00 per hour, and this is a business for most places, and you save on employee benefits, salaries, etc.

4. Real Estate. Many Real estate agents take their own photos and I've seen some really seems. Anyone can shoot outside, is to take photos of the interior represent the greatest challenge. From of the most critical elements of a photograph. My answer is to use available light, but this is an issue that can be learned.

5. Weddings on a budget. In recent months I have made two of them. And yes, my PowerShot was used as a security camera. I also did a 25th anniversary party. My charge for three hours of coverage is $ 595.00. I guarantee a minimum of 100 usable images that lend themselves to a couple in a DVD. Additional DVDs are $ 15.00 each and put these images in a retirement, neighborhood block parties, performances (plays, musicals, graduations, etc)

7. Breeders Fund. This may be a real money machine, depending on group size. This idea is selling well for churches, volunteer organizations (fire service and EMS) and civic organizations. The deal they offer is that the sponsor has no cost. I give each participating family a free 8 "x 10" letter. Since then offer packages. It need not be season in which people like to have family photos throughout the year.

So how I can get business? I depend on three sources:

1. Word of mouth from family, friends and acquaintances. I have two big-budget weddings scheduled during the peak wedding season which each produce more than $ 1,000 in earnings for about four or five hours.

2. Website: I maintain a website for my studio without walls. All the work I do is the location.

3. Craigslist. I can advertise on Craigslist, which is free so I have no advertising costs.

"I've given you some good ideas? I've hardly scratched the surface of the potential value and service. In other words, should produce memorable, excellent quality work. To accomplish this, Please consider some sort of formal training. Only learn About the Author

Don Penven/Brandywine is a commercial photographer and technical writer based in raleigh and Morehead City.

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