Powershot Psc

Powershot Psc
35mm photography and digital photography? please help!?

I am going to be taking a 35mm photography course and digital photography course over the summer, and i need help finding the right cameras. For digital photography, I was recommended to purchase a cannon Powershot Camera along with a sandisk sd – 512 MB card, an ‘impact AA NIMH 2700 mah BATT (4) w/ 4 hour chargers, and a Canon Psc-85 Soft Case f/PS a series. as for 35 mm photography, they recommed a Canon Eos rebel K2 w/28-90 III kit/USA. I DONT UNDERSTAND ANY OF THIS! please, help me intrepet or send links as to where to purchase these


This is Canon’s website where you can see the Powershot camera and the EOS Series Camera.
The Scandisk 512 MB card is just a memory disk that you would use in the camera, and the batteries are the kind that can be recharged many times. The difference between the two cameras is the EOS is a digital Slr Camera in which you can purchase additional lenses for. The Powershot is a point and shoot camera. The Canon website is good to compare the two cameras. Both are excellent choices by the way.

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