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Perhaps more than any other mobile phone maker, Nokia has been pushing the envelope with innovative form factor designs, such as the Nokia N90 and Nokia 7280. However, the image and fashion does not count for much when you have a negative impact the phone function, that is the case of the company latest model, the Nokia 8800. Although this slider phone is sleek and sexy on the outside, who suffers from a keyboard narrow it is difficult to handle even for smaller hands. Moreover, a battery life we often disappointingly uneven candidate Next to the store after a long conversation. However, the Nokia 8800 has its high points: a strong 262,000-color display, Bluetooth, a speakerphone, and an SVGA camera. However, at about $ 900 for an unlocked version, you'll pay a premium for these features, we suspect that the price slow down once the company picks up the phone. For our money, prefer to go with the Motorola Razr V3 and have a phone that not only looks good but also works well. No doubt, the Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte makes a striking first impression, silver chassis with the capture of additional gray eyes and black carbon accents. It is also thin and compact 4.2 by 1.7 by 0.6 inches, which is enough to slide in a pocket, but its stainless steel body is put on the heavier side of 4.8 ounces. With its elegant appearance, would not be surprised to find the NOKIA 8900E doing cameos on television Alias or a James Bond movie (which actually appears in Michael Bay on the island), in fact, were it not for the Nokia brand above screen, one could not be sure that there was a phone at all, since there is no visible keypad or typical phone. The 1.7-inch screen the diagonal is bright and beautiful, vibrant showing 262,000 colors and a resolution of 208×208 pixels. We had an easier time reading the screen in sunlight 8800 compared with other phones we've tested, but tends to have a lot of smudges and fingerprints, like the phone as a whole. Unfortunately, This slider phone stealth loses much of its charm and appeal once they open the phone. To see the keyboard, use the center slot to push the screen up; sliding mechanism is smooth and locks into place with a satisfying click. The keyboard remains the same attractive color scheme of black and silver, but it is too narrow and cryptic. There is a four-way navigation toggle with a center OK button below the screen, but the whole design is so warped that we had to play care and meticulously press each directional key. However, more often than not, I'd end up hitting the wrong button. For example, they often click the button 2 when We were actually trying to navigate the menu. Flanking the control panel are the talk and start buttons, but not identified as such, and the two function keys two films are actually located on the outer box. We could find out through the last playing with the phone and refer to the user guide, but our first intention was to hit the talk and End buttons to access these functions, we often hit the End button and closes the entire menu when we were referring to hitting the right soft key just to the back of a submenu. The numeric button layout is a bit better, but the bottom row of keys is problematic, as closely as the case of external borders. Users with larger digits should definitely take the 8800 for a test drive before buying. As for Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte 's other controls and design features, there are too many notes. The Camera Lens is on the upper back and is visible and active only when the phone is open. There is no flash or self-portrait mirror, and a dedicated camera key is urgently needed. We had to dig through several menu layers (Menu, Media, and Camera) just to activate the camera. You can, however, customize the right soft key for direct access to the camera or one of 26 other functions. There is only one button on the top of the phone as well as two release buttons on the right and thorns left to access the battery and SIM card slot, but good luck prying the cover. The buttons are incredibly difficult to press, especially when dealing dispute of the slide. We would also have liked to see dedicated volume buttons. On the positive side, the Nokia 8800 comes with a healthy set of accessories, including a headset with cable, a desktop stand / charger, a Leather Carrying bag, and a travel charger. Other improvements are available, such as Bluetooth car kits for the use of cell phone hands free. sources candy item:

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