Prong Power Cord

Prong Power Cord
I’m looking for a power cord for a Kenmore 158.179218 it is a 2 wire cord 1 plus into 120 machine is 4 prong

part number is 13103-2 . Also the plug is in a arc.
this is a sewing machine

I don’t know what a Kenmore 158 etc is supposed to be, but your manual should tell you how to order a replacement. If you don’t have the manual, your next step would be to check with the Sears appliance department. And, finally, if you don’t want to deal with Sears for whatever reason, take a picture of the cord, or draw a basic picture (or even take the cord with you) to nearly any hardware store, and they’re very likely to have the exact replacement for you. Power cords for most major appliances have been pretty standardized for 30 years now.

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