Protection Lens Filter

Protection Lens Filter
Which is the best UV filter?

Which is the best UV filter brand/model ? Cost is not a problem (not at least for a filter).

I am looking for something with minimum flare and good UV protection.

Secondly is it better to use a clear filter to protect the lens and risk the glass pieces scratching the coating in case of a break or is it better to leave the lens without a filter?

Two things I look for in a filter are A/R coating and quality. Top quality filter companies (order of quality, and Heliopan and B+W about equal) are Heliopan = B+W, Hoya, Kenko,Tiffen. All make a multi-coated and uncoated filter but only buy multi-coated if you want the best.

Finally, Hoya HMC filter is what I usually buy because it’s a good balance of cost and quality but I own B+W, Hoya, and Tiffen

Put a clear Filter on the Lens of your Video Camera