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Delinquency and pessimism have no place in the moral values of the Qur'an

Human beings are created with a nature which delights in the beauty, and desire to live in happiness and welfare. Therefore, it is quite a natural human desire to get rid of unpleasant situations as quickly as possible, or to convert in the pleasant. In fact, being of one of peacable healthy mind and spirit are important to the health of the mind and body. However, when people act according to their feelings, desires and passions, without regard to Qur'anic teaching, they become oppressed by sadness, worry and fear. When you have no understanding of the nature of destiny, and what it means putting their lives in Allah (God) hands, and the complete submission to His as taught in the Koran, is in a state of constant struggle with the anxiety that comes from not knowing what will happen to him or those close to him at any given time. Whereas, if he lives life according to religion that God has chosen for him, and according to the moral canons of the Koran, never experience this anxiety or other difficulties of this type. God proclaims this truth through his messengers when he says:

… all who follow my guide will not be lost and will not be unhappy. But if you away from My reminder, his life is a dark and narrow … (Surah Ta Ha: 123-124)

As stated in the previous verse, many people shy away from reminders of Allah and therefore, anxious and unhappy life. Moreover, since they lead their lives based on the superstition that life is led by chance, they feel pain to consider as setbacks and bad luck things that could be for your future benefit. Their minds are constantly agitated by the fear of being fired, and at the end of the poor, of being cheated or getting the disease. When hope of flattery to worry about being ridiculed, when hope of loyalty, fear of being confronted with ingratitude. They become pessimistic when considering the possibility of receiving bad news at any time, or that someone can say or do something unpleasant to them. Even in moments happier living with the fear that can not do the last moment forever, his life is really a nightmare. In one verse, God reveals the state of anxiety in the Those living ignore the Quran:

When Allah desires to guide someone, He expands his breast to Islam. When he wants to divert someone's chest makes narrow and limited, as if ascending to heaven. This is how Allah defiles those who disbelieve. (Sura An'am: 125)

It is natural that those who have no religion should feel disturbed and without peace of mind, because they spend their lives in the company of those who have good moral qualities of the Quran, such as love, compassion, mercy, sacrifice, loyalty and humility. Living in a complete system of deception and harm, in which people do not help each other without expecting something in return, where friendships are pursued with profit expectations, where even simple errors committed wit h an angry response is met, and where everyone treats others unfairly gossip and say what they really think, is a source of unhappiness for a sentimental person.

However, if that person lived in an environment that was to his liking, it would change little. Even if there is a lot going on around them should feel happy, so emotional that people find a way to see them in a negative light. Because they see each so little thing, no matter if the weather was hot or cold, rain or wind, but turn whatever into something to complain about. We could illustrate, with pages examples, how these people find excuses to be satisfied at every opportunity. It is a manifestation of what God says in the following verse: "That laugh and mourn much, in payment for what they have earned. "(Surat al-Tawba: 82) In another verse, He reveals the behavior of the infidels, which becomes" Desperate when bad things happen. "(Sura Ma'arij: 20)

Another essential reason for the unhappiness felt by those without faith is the fact that their plans do not go as they expect. For example, an emotional person prepares food for her husband and her disappointment when she does not get the reaction I expected. You save money to buy a gift her friend, but again is sad because she thinks that she was not so happy with the gift she had expected. She buys a house, but again feels sad because he believes the Painter has not thoroughly mixed colors. Possible reasons for being unhappy are endless. The loss of a favorite football team, to get a few points less than expected by an exam, being late for work, a traffic jam, breaking a pair of glasses, the loss of a watch, to get a stain on a favorite suit or dress at a party everything can become an excuse for being unhappy.

A person who assesses a situation over and react emotionally to it can not predict what, if anything happened to him, perhaps at a later stage be beneficial for him. Consider, for example, a depressed person because he missed his bus, how knows that the bus will not be in an accident at a later time? Perhaps God decided that missing the bus as part of his lot so he could escape the accident. Here's another example: a driver misses an exit that is very familiar and on the wrong track. The assessment of the situation from his superficial level of understanding, is angry with himself, his happiness evaporates because you have to drive further. However, it was Allah who did take that route, and in each instance, this also was his destiny.

And again, do not get the job I really wanted is an opportunity for an ignorant person, to feel unlucky and despondent. Such a person refers to getting the job as definitely the best for him, and can not find their greatest loss, whereas a person who has faith that God is their friend and protector know that Allah accepted the result for her sake, and he will submit to it with pleasure and satisfaction. Perhaps the work environment that have damaged their health, perhaps was necessary for him not to take that job because a greater opportunity was about to reach it.

And finally, if a person get into a car in the morning and does not work, he will, in their ignorance, regard it as a great misfortune, but in reality the car was not working because Allah is so designated, and benefit some was to come from the situation. The person in this situation you can not see the reason behind the occurrence, but if you see it or not, must be satisfied with Allah.

Unfortunately, people call it when something goes against their wishes, while it is better for the event to happen in this particular way, it was determined by fate. If Allah to show the reason behind what they call unfortunate, and for those who are frustrated, and ultimately benefit comes from things that would otherwise bothers them and make them anxious or upset, they would understand how wrong they were sad, and their feelings will turn to joy and delight. If the fate of a person was revealed in its entirety, and misfortunes were called to be seen by the role played in it, never again to feel sorry for what happens to him.

Therefore, the wisest thing to do is live a life of submission to Allah. In any case, it remains to say that everyone is already living in submission to Allah if they realize it or not, but you need to an individual being aware of this in his life. Believers who are in possession of a living conscience secure peace of mind watching with a satisfied spirit the disintegration of the fate that God has given to them, as peacefully as one might watch a movie. They know that as the prophet Mohammed said: "Wealth is not in great wealth, but wealth is in self-satisfaction."

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Born in Ankara in 1956, Adnan Oktar writes his books under the pen name of Harun Yahya. The works of Harun Yahya have been translated into 41 languages. To date, his books have been purchased by 8 million people, and an equal number have been provided free to readers by various newspapers and magazines. You can read, free of charge, 250 books Adnan Oktar has written under the pen name Harun Yahya, watch 180 documentary films and visit 56 web pages on this websites:

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