Purple Camera Case

Purple Camera Case

Nokia 6220

Nokia 6220 is a 3G Smartphone with advanced features as well as looks that will keep you stunned. The mobile phone has two colors that you can choose from. The features of the mobile phone are as listed below:

3G HSDPA Technology

A-GPS function & GPS receiver

Radio with FM stereo and RDS

120 Mbytes of memory plus microSD

Option of extra memory card up to 8Gbytes

Camera with 5 megapixel along with Carl Zeiss lens

Xenon flash

16 million color screen with 2.2 inch QVGA (320 x 240 Pixels)

Nokia 6220 is a mobile phone moulded in the form of a candy bar and looks very sophisticated. The mobile phone is black in color with turquoise colored keys that makes the characters look brilliant when the mobile phone is in use.

Nokia 6220 is also available in purple colored case making it look gorgeous and pleasant. The mobile phones with its striking features contribute towards the fashion trend and it adds an element of fun and surprise. The casing of the Nokia 6220 is solid and it weighs ninety grams. The mobile phone has a screen resolution of 16 million colors and the screen is 2.2-inch QVGA screen.

The 5-megapixel camera enhances the Nokia6220’s beauty by giving the pictures and the video recordings a clear effect. With the help of auto focus light and xenon flash the pictures captured in a dull environment looks bright. The Nokia 6220 has a 3G video calling facility enabled with the feature of a CIF camera. CIF camera can be used when a face-to-face video conferencing has to be conducted. The mobile phone supports video recording in VGA format and video playback.

The users can play the video recordings that they have recorded and play the recordings that have been sent to them as an email or a forward. Nokia 6220 comes with an in-built GPS receiver with A-GPS function that directs the route for the user wherever they want to reach. This feature is known as Maps application. Nokia 6220 is a product of style and technology put together. It adds on to the class of the Nokia series.

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