Rain Protection Canon

Rain Protection Canon

Sd1200Is Canon – seems the best out there for under $ 200!

While I've only had my camera a couple of hours, I've signed up in many (some may say too many) hours of Internet search to find the best camera below $[…] Small Digital and I found opinion! I had a Kodak DX7360 and I loved it, but it is awkward, and then failed to survive a night in the rain the day Halloween. Oops! As much as I loved my old Kodak, I have been scared of buying a new Kodak, and that many comments, many said that the images were not clear, shutter speed was too slow, and that just seemed to stop working completely within months. It seemed like these Similar complaints were Nikon Coolpix, Cybershots Sony, Samsung and Olympus.

My final choices presented target = "_self" title = "Canon SD1200IS"> Canon SD1200IS, an Olympus Stylus 7010, Casio EX-S5 and Casio EXZ33. What really sold me on the SD1200IS Canon was the fact that I found great reviews of the expert web sites:

– Who made the list of Dave Picks
– "Strong buy" (the highest rating) (7010 Olypus was only "a good buy. ")
– Rated the best Ultra Compact Digital Camera under $ 200
– A score A.

Like most people, I do not want buy any camera without actually testing it out. I checked out at Best Buy, I have some quick pictures of my 4 years old and is sold out! The camera took sharp pictures immediately. Crisp and fast were my main goals since it almost exclusively take photos of my 2 and 4 year old children who are always on the go! 🙂

I do not know the technical details of Digital Zoom / optical, etc., but was able to shoot a quick, clear image little video of my dog and was able to zoom while recording. A lot of other point and shoot cameras do not have the zoom function while recording.

I really do not buy this camera from Amazon.com. I still wanted to submit a review but since I've scrutinized the many reviews on this site for this camera and the others I researched. I ended up buying in person today for the same price at Best Buy (Black Friday) and bought the Geek Squad Black Tie 2-year warranty. Although after of all the great things I've heard about the Canon SD1200IS, protecting $ 35 Best Buy plan will cover almost anything below actually losing camera … although it is outside in the rain next Halloween. 🙂

I am adding to my review in the future if my opinion changes, but until Now, this seems the best quality, easy to use, fast and sharp image on the camera to take the money.

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