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Barbados naked

Barbados naked

Welcome to my Barbados naked series. Here I will provide details of things to see and do on the island and recommend restaurants, bars and trips that I have experienced myself or had clients tell me how good they are. I hope you find the information useful for travel or research on the island and would be very pleased if you feel you can add something to my information. If you do please drop me a line in and we'll see to add it to our 'Barbados Naked "feature for future readers. Please enjoy reading the articles I will publish weekly. The series begins this week with an introduction to Barbados, the main tourist points of knowledge, some history and facts and figures.

Next week we'll find out about restaurants and food on the island. I will be providing details of the best restaurants in each city and district and giving it a taste (If you'll pardon the pun!) Of what they offer. Also some of the dishes you should try and there is time.

Then comes activities. Barbados really maximize the time is. There are plenty of activities to engage in to relax on the beach more vigorous activities such as diving, water sports and / or golf courses.

Excursions follows that with a guide on what to do and when. This guide gives you everything you need to know to really "Do it yourself ', so wait for a full breakdown of the island with contact details for suppliers of tours and tour operators.

You really can not go all the way to Barbados and not sample the nightlife you can now! Well, click through week 5 of my Barbados naked series to find out what they are hot and not. From the beach bar for the high life of the West Coast this installment has everything. Barbados bare it certainly is!

I already completed the ten best beaches in Barbados. Connect to six weeks for a look in depth at best beaches. I will review most of them on the island so you can feast your eyes on which the tourists do not know.

Week seven provides a calendar of events 2009. Make sure you do not miss a thning with a thorough study of everything that is happening there in 2009.

And we ended up in eight weeks. A Whistlestop tour all that Barbados is Naked! I'll round out my number for those special trips to get married? Then, tune in, feel like a natural path? Then click through … It's all here in this "last round up 'the week.

So no time to lose here is my opening piece. Please enjoy!


Barbados is well connected to Britain and North America, and now has a limited service in continental Europe. With so many flights arriving serving as a center to other Caribbean islands in the South East. This makes the island a great leap Island base if you intend to visit other islands. can arrange separate stays in luxury villas on the island of more than one Caribbean for you.

The following airlines serve Barbados:

United Kingdom:

British Airways from Gatwick

Virgin Atlantic from Gatwick and Manchester

Caribbean Airlines (formerly BWIA) from Gatwick with British Airways codeshare

BMI Manchester.


Martinair from Amsterdam

Condor Frankfurt


U.S. Airways from Philadelphia

American Airlines from New York and Miami

Air Jamaica New York (JFK)

Delta Air Lines of Atlanta.


Air Canada Toronto


Caribbean Airlines (formerly BWIA), Air Jamaica, LIAT and American Eagle, which have flights through the Caribbean. Flights to the Grenadines are served by air SVG, TIA 2000 and Mustique Airways – the three airlines also work together as Grenadines Airways.

Island Hopping

One fact is very useful to know is that there are a number of flights from Barbados to the Grenadines, as well as day tours as transfers, which are known as "cards. Practically speaking every day and age, but because they are in charge of charter airlines, instead of companies scheduled, are not quoted on international information systems. See below for airlines to offer shared charter to the Grenadines.

Regional Airlines


Caribbean Airlines (formerly BWIA)

Air Jamaica


Mustique Airways

Trans Island Air / TIA 2000

Excursions a day to other islands

Discoveries Grenadines

Fly to Union Island and join a catamaran for a day of navigation, diving and swimming with stops in Mayreau, Tobago Keys and Palm Island. $ 640 with lunch and drinks.

Day trips from air to the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent and the Young Island, and Grenada.

If you want to rent a plane, then they are available through:

St Barth Commuter

A local airline based in St Barths, which offers regular flights from there to St Martin Maarten / St and letters from the Caribbean by private planes to the islands around the Eastern Caribbean. They have a fleet of five twin-engine planes and five specially trained (STOL) pilots with permission to land in St Barths.


A local airline that offers the Caribbean Grenadines letters to the whole region, often from Barbados, but also of Santa Lucia and Grenada, even from as far as Puerto Rico. SVG Air has around a dozen of 5 to 19 seats, and aircraft islands and offers air ambulance service.


Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI airport code after Bridgetown, capital of the island) is located about 10 southeast of downtown miles/16km the city of Bridgetown. have luxury portfolio of West Coast Villas Barbados for you to choose from, they really are pure luxury!

The airport has recently undergone a multi-million in dollar expansion with the main phase completion in 2007. This included the construction of a new terminal, much larger arrivals which now houses 22 stations immigration work, five large baggage carousels and two duty free shops. The old arrivals hall has become part of an extended departure lounge and houses of a court in the area of operation of new foods and retail competition. Other facilities include a bank and postal services. Approximately four air bridges are part of the next series of improvements and has spoken to enclose the area of billing and installation of air conditioning.

Passports and Visas

As a visitor to Barbados, you will need a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry, along with a valid return airline Ticket. This now applies to all U.S. and Canadian citizens, while British citizens are required to have a passport full 10 years. U.S. citizens, Canadians, British and EU do not require a visa for short stays. Other nationalities please contact the Commission Barbados High or your travel organizer for entry requirements


The bus system in Barbados good and the bus fleet of blue and yellow (BM license plate) reaches every corner of the island on a regular basis. You will need exact change for buses and stop at official bus stops, which are marked either "To the city" or "Out of the City in a red circle and white. The destination is shown on the front windshield.

The service is complemented by the Government and privately owned mini-buses (license plate B), which are painted yellow a blue stripe down the side, and route taxis (ZR license), which are white with a burgundy stripe. These buses give change, and also play local music (quite high at times) and can stop anywhere along the route. The destinations are usually a sign at the bottom left corner of the windshield, and the routes usually painted on the sides of buses. It should be noted that the ZR vans are an adventure and a mode of transport. They tend to stop at the drop of a hat and travel at speeds not for the faint of heart. But then they'll go out of their way to drop a grandmother with their purchases away from home. Avoid traveling at peak times when buses are filled to the limit. The fare to any destination is $ 1.50 each way bds. Depending on the route during the week buses can operate from as early as 5:30 am until as late as 12:30.

For more information on the Government Transport Service, phone 436 6820 Barbados

Car Rental

Renting a car is an excellent addition to a visit to the Caribbean, but especially in Barbados, because there is much to do and because the island is surprisingly good to explore. There are some lovely beaches cut into the cliffs of the south coast, making it a great day to go out and picnic, and the Atlantic coast is wonderfully dramatic. Getting lost in the cane fields is almost part of the course, so do not worry when you do. Just stop and question and someone is bound to help. Finally, there are restaurants for every visit at night. From the perspective of the island, cars are a vital aspect local life. The bajans prefer to drive a few hundred yards to work than to walk and what is actually a rush hour each morning and afternoon. There are a staggering 1719 kilometers of network paved road on the island.

A local driving license is required to drive in Barbados. This costs $ 10 and BD can be obtained from the car rental company when hiring the car, or at any police station. If you are visiting during the winter and we know you want a car, it is advisable to book well in advance of Conversely, due to demand, it will be impossible to get hold of one. villas VIP car can ensure Excellent rates of hire for you, better than the car rental companies principal. You must hold a license for at least two years to hire a car in Barbados, and have at least 21 years of age and under 75 years of age.

The indicative prices can be found below.

2007-08 Stoute Rent a Car Guide Rates in U.S. $ per day / week:

Auto Mini Moke (4str) – 61/265

Jimny Jeep (soft top) Auto (4str) – 69/320

Terios Jeep 1500cc (Hard top) An Auto C / (5str) – 85/420

Vitara Jeep 2000cc (Hard Top) One Auto C / (5str) – 95/490

Rates are in U.S. dollars, subject to 15% VAT and are valid 16 December 2007 to December 15, 2008.

Comprehensive insurance is included in the rental price except for a deductible of $ 1,500 in case of loss, injury or damage to vehicles – regardless of fault.

The collision damage waiver (CDW) is offered to cover this franchise at a cost of $ U.S. U.S. 49/week or $ 10/day. Customers pay for gasoline in the vehicle at the time of hire, and must return the vehicle empty. Child seats and booster seats are available for hire on request. Car hire rates, CDW, petrol, and extras such as child safety seats and are subject to VAT of 15%. Payment is made for the car at the time of delivery.

Driving & Parking

Drives on the left in Barbados, do not forget your driver's license!

Generally speaking drivers very polite and being very conservative, tend to comply with the Highway Code. But do be careful going around roundabouts since not all drivers know which lane to be in. You also have to keep an eye out for vans and minibuses Z to stop in the middle of the road in the fall of a hat. Try to avoid going anywhere during rush hour, when all the major roads heading into Bridgetown, Holetown and the South Coast tend to be back-to-back with traffic (the local radio stations have traffic reports during morning and evening rush hours). Almost all households in the island seems to have a car, and for which there is a lot of families that have more than one. Some children still walk to school, since there are very few sidewalks (sidewalks) should drive carefully during start / end of the school day. Take special care when going around blind corners in rural areas.

drink-driving laws are being introduced to check whether the new regulations.

Seat belts are mandatory and failure to use one with a fine of $ 500 bds. The speed limit in Barbados 37 km / h, except on roads mph/60 (55 mph/80 kph) and Bridgetown (20 mph/32 kilometers per hour).


The fee for parking in official car parks at Bridgetown and the airport, is currently Bds $ 1 per hour or fraction thereof and $ 6 for all day. Tickets are issued on entry and payment is made on departure.


Taxis are widely available around Barbados (If you can not find a single foot on the nearest hotel and they will find one for you), with taxi stands located at the airport, Bridgetown Harbour, and in Bridgetown Baja Independence Square, Broad Street and Plaza de los Héroes del Sur Coast in Accra Beach – Hastings Rocks, West Coast at Sunset Crest Shopping Center 1 and 2.

Taxis are metered. In contrast, the prices are fixed. However, it is always a good idea to confirm the cost of your trip before you go.

Rates by distance not exceed $ 2.50 BDs per mile or $ 1.50 per kilometer BD. The flat rate per hour is $ 32 BD discs with BD discs timeout $ 7 per hour from 6 am to 10pm, and BDS $ 8 per hour 10 pm-6 am.


In general the climate in Barbados is fairly benign, and only there are a couple of problems that can be found here that are not in Europe or the U.S.. Check your coverage against polio and tetanus is current. There is Malaria in Barbados, but there are occasional outbreaks of dengue fever – another mosquito-borne disease that happens after significant rain. You should take normal precautions against mosquito bites. If you are susceptible then make sure to use insect repellent during the day and after sunset.

recipes Visitors can meet local pharmacies, after consulting a local physician.


Medical services in Barbados are among the best in the Caribbean. There are eight polyclinics throughout the island and two hospitals.

The general hospital is the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in Bridgetown that has 600 beds and operates one hour and 24 A Department of E.

There is also a modern private facility in the Bay View Hospital in San Miguel, which is not a department A & E, however there FMH Emergency Medical Clinic in San Miguel.


No vaccinations are required to enter Barbados, although it is possible to consult with your doctor before traveling. There is an exception, for travelers coming from infected areas to yellow fever, which require a vaccination certificate from travelers over one (1) year of age.


Domestic Current operating apparatus to 115/230 volt AC, 50 cycles, with 2-pin plugs US-style and sockets.


Barbados has a good telecommunications system and has recently been liberalized so that the mobile phones from overseas work (although calls can be quite expensive). The networks are Cable & Wireless, Digicel and AT & T Wireless.

The international telephone code for Barbados is +1 246 followed seven digits. When on the island simply dial the seven digits. If you are staying in a villa check to see if the phone allows international calls as some have prevented, you will need to be lifted, and for which there is a deposit.

Internet services are available in most hotels, and some villages, plus a number of Internet cafes have now opened. Cell phones can be rented or a roaming feature can add to your own mobile

Overseas phone calls can be made from any phone booth Island, which payment is by credit card or a local card pre-paid calling.


Barbados is 4 hours behind GMT and so during the winter is four hours behind Britain and five behind the rest of Europe, and one hour before EST in the U.S.. Barbados does not have DST in the summer so the island is then five hours behind daylight saving time (six behind the rest of Europe) and at the same time as the east coast of the United States.


There are information offices of the Barbados Tourism Authority at the airport between the arrival hall before the Immigration and Departure Lounge, 428 t 0937, in the deep water port (where the cruise ships come in), t 426 1718, and in the office of the AFC in Harbour Road, Bridgetown, t 427 2623.

Out Barbados offices are TBA at the following locations:

Great Britain: 263 Tottenham Court Road, London W1 P 7LA, t 020 7636 9448,

Canada: 105 Adelaide St. West, Suite 1010, Toronto, Ontario M5H 1P9, t (416) 214 9880, toll free 1800 268 9122,

U.S.: 800 Second Ave, New York NY 10017 t (212) 986 6516,, 3440 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1215, Los Angeles, CA 90010, t (213) 380 2198, btala@worldnet.att . net; Suite 1000 150 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables, Florida 33134, t (305) 442 7471,

Departure tax and taxes

Departure tax and is not paid in the airline check-in, and to be included in the cost of your ticket – please check your ticket to confirm this. This imposed (passenger service charge) is payable by all passengers leaving the island (exempt for stays of less than 24 hours) and over 12 years. Most BD $ 55/US $ 27.50 on February 1, 2007.

Hotel and villa accommodation incurs a government room tax of 7.5% and a service charge in Barbados, which normally be added to your bill (unless you are staying in a hotel all inclusive "). You can make a big difference to the final price of your holiday, so if you are booking sure you that directly calculated by fixing the price for your trip.

A 15% tax applies to most services including car rental, tourist attractions, restaurants, retail trips (with the exception of duty free items), etc, but this is usually included in the published price, excluding fees hire, which are usually quoted VAT excluded you will need to add it.


Barbados boasts that has 3000 hours of sunshine a year. Indeed, even in the Caribbean that has an excellent climate. Temperatures vary from a few degrees throughout the year and because it is surrounded by sea the island rarely gets too hot, except occasionally in summer, especially if it still is. In general, however, is a breeze eased the heat a bit. The best time to visit is in winter, when the northern hemisphere is in colder in February, although this is of course the high season and the most expensive.

The wettest season is late summer months, between August and late October. Often the sun comes out again after a shower, but occasionally a blanket of clouds will result in a climate system in the northern hemisphere, and can cover the island with cloud for a few days.

Barbados located right on the edge of the hurricane belt, but has not been seriously affected in recent years.


More water in Barbados is the artesian water, rain water has soaked into the limestone structure of the earth. Usually, you can drink the tap and tastes good, but in restaurants offer a choice of local bottled water. However, with so much pressure on the existing groundwater supplies in recent years, a desalination (the largest in the Caribbean) facility is in operation, which supplies water to 20% of the population of the island, now in the area Spring Garden Highway, where the plant is located. Sandy Lane Hotel also has a desalination system.

Tap water was introduced in Bridgetown 1861, and to commemorate the event an ornamental fountain, made in Britain, was erected in 1865 in what is now Plaza de los Héroes.


In general, kids are welcome in Barbados, but some of the smarter hotels have a policy of age restriction on certain seasons, especially during February and March. Others offer special programs for children. Most villas are well suited for children too. It's easy to find nannies and an approximate cost of BD $ 20 per hour, plus transport home.

There is an abundance of playgrounds in Barbados at the time, but six of the fast-food outlets now have areas Chefette Children (Rockley air conditioning) and each play area has slides, cars and trips and other activities, and organize parties. Pizzaz pizza restaurant in Sunset Crest in Holetown on the west coast also has its own playground.

Apart from frolicking in the sea and building sandcastles, there are a number of secondary activities very kind and available on the island: the Barbados Museum has a gallery dedicated to children with an exhibition called 'child yesterday Kidd Gallery, Folkstone Marine Park near Holetown is a recreation park with underwater Dive track, an interpretive center and museum with displays of marine and saltwater aquarium, there is also a picnic area, tennis courts and basketball courts and a playground. The Wildlife Reserve Barbados is popular among children to view animals such as Atlantis and the Underwater Cave Harrison. The Golf Academy of Barbados mini golf 18 holes with special prices for 14yrs and under. There is a drive near the Sheraton Centre, which also has a cinema inside. Farley Hill National Park has a picnic and playground. Barbados shares bye Naked for older child friendly activities in Barbados.

Adventure Beach at The Boatyard has kayaks, pedal boats, Glass-bottom boats, ocean trampolines, rock climbing floating ice-berg, beach volleyball and diving. Accra Beach in the Rockley area is another popular beach and is good for boogie boarding with boards for hire. Batts Rock West Coast (near Calabash Restaurant) has good swimming and diving, and a small playground with slides, swings and seesaws. There is a parking area, picnic benches, shower and locker rooms, and vending machine.


Barbados has excellent facilities for corporate clients in all types of groups, incentives and corporate travel and events. The island has good air connections international and regional, making it easy to access. Where housing is concerned, some of the largest villas can make VIPvillas the ideal settings for smaller groups. Especially those that come equipped with chefs.

Meeting room off the note properties:

Sherbourne Conference Centre, San Miguel, t 467 8200

Multi-level conference and events center with 164,000 square feet for meetings and exhibitions for trade shows, conferences and special events up to 1,200 people theater-style seating in the largest room. Eleven meeting rooms, five rooms break-out, two two dining halls, media facilities and state of the art telecommunications equipment, infrared simultaneous interpretation system

Frank Collymore Hall, Central Bank Building, Bridgetown

The Great Hall, a 61'x 29 ', can be used for exhibitions, displays Art and meetings, with five screens large and small eleven. The Meeting Room 70 seats and is equipped with projection equipment and presentation.


Consider the following items when packing for a trip to Barbados:

Suitable sunscreen cream high factor sun, sunglasses, hat / Beach-shirt/blouse/t-shirt cap and a lightweight, suitable beach and walking shoes, mosquito repellent containing DEET suitable for use throughout the day cream for insect bites. Also note the adapter and connector, film and batteries for the camera toilet, beach mat / towel, favorite brand of coffee or tea, small torch.

Clothes – lightweight cotton clothing, with elegant / casual attire for the evening. Note that most restaurants and hotels require high the men wear long pants and shirts in the evening, no shorts, sandals or T-shirts. During the party, people tend to dress in season and some of the establishments may request more exclusive jacket and tie. Women may want to pack a coat or light jacket during the winter months, because at night (January / Feb) sometimes feel cool after the heat of the day.

You should be aware that it is a crime for anyone, including children, to dress camouflage clothing in Barbados. It is also a crime for meat products in the UK.


International and local commercial banks operating in Barbados to the Bank of Nova Scotia / Scotia Bank, Barbados National Bank, First Caribbean Bank, Caribbean Commercial Bank, Royal Bank of Canada and Bank Mutual. The Central Bank of Barbados has been in operation since 1973. The island also offers offshore banking and insurance services.

Opening hours banks are Monday through Thursday, 8 am-3 pm and Friday from 8am to 5pm. Most banks are closed on weekends, but the Mutual Bank has two branches that open up 7 pm on Friday and until 2 pm on Saturdays, and the Caribbean Commercial Bank opens 9 am-1 pm Saturdays. ATMs are located throughout the island, including airport, port, some service stations and shopping malls. Note that ATMs only give out of Barbados dollars (not U.S. dollars) and some cash charge for overseas transactions.

The banks require customers to show their passports to cash checks of travelers. You will need show a transaction slip, so if you want to convert Barbados dollars back to local currency.


The currency of Barbados is the Barbados dollar (BDS), which is fixed to the U.S. dollar at a rate of U.S. $ 1.00 = $ 1.98 BDs (a street-sellers the beach can make a straight 2 to 1). All prices are quoted on the island of Barbados dollar, with the exception of types of hotels that are found only in the U.S., and duty free goods in the local BDS $ price is shown along with the price in U.S. dollars. U.S. dollars (notes only) are accepted throughout the island, without But you will often find that the exchange rate will not be as favorable in hotels, supermarkets and hypermarkets like the bank.


Most credit cards (including debit cards) are accepted anywhere that deals with tourists on a regular basis. Do not wait the bars or small local restaurants to accept them (If in doubt, double check in advance), but you will find large supermarkets often do. It is worth noting that credit cards may attract some additional charges.

Next week I'm covering the restaurants and food on the island and be sure to click through to read it. I'm going to specifics and restaurants include contact details for them to put that together with the numbers of taxi and you're on your way!

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