Reader Usb Adapter

Reader Usb Adapter

EagleTec USB NanoSac Microsd Card Reader and the EagleTec USB Nano Flash Drive

These days the microSD memory cards are coming in such small sizes which you can ever imagine. The EagleTec has come up with such small EagleTec USB NanoSac microSD card reader that when we first looked at it we couldn’t believe our eyes that it was a microSD card reader. You can simply plug your microSD card reader into the USB slot directly and you are ready to go. It only weighs 2 grams and is able to read both the regular microSD and microSDHC memory cards. This impromptu Usb Flash Drive also has the hot-swapping capability introduced which enables you to use this for portable data transfer without missing on anything. The most exciting part is that, you can leave this device plugged in permanently into the USB port on the notebook or the laptop without worrying about it snapping off like any other Usb Memory Card readers.

The dimensions of the EagleTec USB NanoSac MicroSD Card Reader are 25 x 17 x 7mm and weighs only 2gms. The EagleTec USB NanoSac Micro SD Card Reader is available for $13 from Brando.

•Compact size and amazing design
•High-speed transfer rate up to 480Mb/sec
•Read and write Micro SDHC/Micro SD without adapter and supports up to 32GB
•Plug & play and hot swapping capability
•USB bus powered, no external power required
•Supports microSDHC and the regular microSD
•Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OSX 10.2 or above
•It measures around 25 x 17 x 7mm approximately
•Weighs 2gms

When talking about the EagleTec USB NanoSac microSD card reader then another product from the EagleTec is also worth mentioning, the new EagleTec USB Nano Flash Drive. This device is also insanely small and weighs only 3gms. If you are looking for a small USB flash drive to store all your files then this device is just right for you. It measures 19mm x 15mm x 6mm and weighs in at a tiny 3g. Even though it is very small but it has the capacity of storing all your data in it as it comes in a choice of either 4GB or 8GB. Even this device can be left plugged into the notebook with the fear of snapping it off. It is so tiny that it can be carried anywhere attached with the laptop.

The EagleTec USB Nano Flash Drive can be obtained for $22 for the 4GB version and $32 for the 8GB version from Brando.

•Nano Size USB Design
•Compact and trendy
•High-speed data transfer USB 2.0
•Compatible with USB1.1 & 2.0
•Can read up to 15Mb/s Read and write up to 6Mb/s
•Password protection is optional and can be downloaded if the user wants
•Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OSX (10.2 or above)
•It measures around 19 x 15 x 6mm approximately
•Weighs 3g

Looking at both these devices we can now say that size doesn’t really matters what matters is the capability and the capacity of the gadget. In today’s technology news we got our eyes popping on these two incredible devices.

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