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Vijay Mallya's Fly With dissection good times

When Vijay Mallya Kingfisher and promised a 'Fly the good times experienced, I wish they were telling the truth. Dr Vijay Mallya could be referred to as the "King of Good Times' and perhaps in your personal life that is. But with your airline flight can be anything but good at times. Ojo, I am not belittling the quality of the planes themselves. I firmly believe the King when he says he is proud of its fleet of new aircraft equipped with the latest security technologies. I even accept the latest technology that is guaranteed. And perhaps it is best you get checkin assistance with Luggage, etc.

But is that all you need to make a nice airline. Maybe not. There is a keyword called Hospitality seems to be missing in the air Hostess language at all. A look at the air hostesses in red and perhaps begin to see just what the King meant by 'Good Times'. Adjusted and even pants tighter and skirts to the point of being tacky best description of these so-called pagan entertainment. In the President's message on the company Web site airline brand, Dr. Mallya talks about proudly PERSONNALY manual collection crew itself. Maybe that's why everyone is stereotyped packages Foundation to hide the "Indianess' of their heritage. I have not heard of an unwritten rule that insists on air hostesses be pale to the point of being eerie and tropical India's long this effort even more incredulous.

Vijay Mallya also boasts that each team is instructed to treat a guest in the same way that when they visit your home. Kingfisher Having flown a few times, I can only say that if this is true, nobody would be visiting the king. after 10 minutes is sitting by the enchanted looking anorexic hostess, who gave this red bag that could excite a 2 year old and maybe too much. We mainly adults in the flight and I see no joy in being awakened only to be given something you definitely do not not want. I mean – what happened in class or the way it's cheap fame in those days. You sit back for a new nap with what he hopes is a sign not to bother you and this time it's the juice. So is the fact that you have listen to the long speech prepared in case of emergencies, because it mounts to the emergency exit. All attempts to tell the lady who prefers to change his seat in the fall half empty flight on deaf ears because the lady is not listening so as not to loose track of the diatribe that has memorized. So just walk off into the next row established in mid-sentence again, to sleep – I hope so. Food, tea, coffee means more awakenings and is now beginning to take on the appearance and Hagar the horrible environment. I know that Mr Mallya individual demands attention and your guests supposed to do, but maybe this is taking things a bit too far.

The rest of the experience can only be described as ordinary terrible. Neither the food nor the service is exceptionally different from any other airline in the country. In fact, I rather fly Indian Airlines, where even if the air hostesses are no big deal, years of experience to ensure the comfort of flight.

The individual entertainment system flying so proudly mentioned in the President's speech there. But it's fun – No. Unless you mean being forced to listen to the ads that run over and over again at full volume. Most international flights offer headphones so that you may or may not listen to their discretion and leisure is a movie or two. Something Vijay Mallya has to learn.

Would I accept an invitation to fly the Good Times. Probably not. Would most men population. Definitely I think so. After all the red cable moves a poor quality but hidden inside some strange way. Perhaps exactly what King calls the "Good Times."

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