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Green Sapphire Stones

Sapphire, a variety of the mineral corundum, is generally considered to be blue, but in fact occurs in a wide range of colors, except for red. That's because the industry uses the name of corundum gem ruby red in recognition of the special value we attach to the hardest of all gemstones red.

The blue color is a sapphire important as the term sapphire gem trade always refers to blue sapphire. Other colors are called sapphire sapphire fantasy, and the colors are pink, yellow, orange, green, violet and white. The wide range of colors of corundum is caused by various impurities such as chromium, titanium and iron.

Among the fancy sapphires, yellow has been appreciated, largely because of its place as one of the nine planetary gemstones in the tradition Vedic astrology. Pink sapphire one of the rarest fancy sapphires, and usually are found only in small sizes.

sapphire Green was once thought to be one of the less desirable colors, but now is increasingly popular, though no one is sure why. Perhaps it is because green has always has been an important gemstone color (I think emerald, tourmaline and tsavorite garnet) and green sapphire is quite rare. Apart from emerald, sapphire is the only precious rock that occurs in green.

Green sapphire may occur in colors ranging from a light mint green to dark green forest. The best green sapphire is believed to come from Sri Lanka, but are very rare. Most green sapphires in the market you will see are in Thailand or Australia. These tend to be darker green and are often blue-green or greenish-yellow. Green sapphire is also found in Burma and Madagascar.

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