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Remote Shutter Sony

Sony Ericsson W850i: Rock your world!

Slider phones are all the rage and it was only matter of time until Sony Ericsson came out with a similar design under his illustrious range Walkman. The phone has surprised everyone, and its features also act as other elements of surprise in the Sony W850i Ericsson.

Let's start with the most salient feature of this phone, music player. You can organize music by artist, name of track or playlist in the phone's main menu. Its various configurations include album / song shuffle and loop, stereo widening and a equalizer. The user can switch seamlessly between music player and phone as the music stops automatically as a call. Moreover, the music does not leave you behind, even during a flight as the Sony Ericsson W850i has a flight mode option as well.

Its 2 megapixel camera can take pictures in three sizes: 1,632 x1, 224, 640×480 and 160×120. It boasts a 4x Digital Zoom, autofocus and flash. The camera features include a mode other nights, a timer, white balance and trigger different sounds and image effects.

The Sony Ericsson W850i also has a full range of features companies. Infrared port, Bluetooth, email, PC synchronization and USB support. Its Bluetooth feature can be used as a remote control to connect with other Bluetooth devices. Given that the W850i is a multimedia phone, its 16MB of internal memory is quite inadequate. The good news is that it has a memory slot that a card can easily support more than 1 GB.

The Sony Ericsson W850i meets the expectations you have with a Walkman phone. This is an excellent device that gives you the best music experience possible on a phone. Enjoy … and rock on!

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