Rocket Air Blower

Rocket Air Blower
What should I use to clean my Nikon D90’s sensor?

Yesterday I found out that my sensor is getting a bit dusty and it in one part there can be seen something like a small fiber with naked eye. I decided to clean it, but I am not really sure what should use for that? I heard lots about Giotto Rocket, but am not sure if just this air blower would be enough. Would be Giotto Rocket Air Blower good enough for cleaning it? Thanks!

Just use a hand-driven bulb blower. Point the camera down, find the menu item for sensor cleaning, use that to flip the mirror up, then use a couple shots of air to clean it out. Do not use canned, pressurized air.

You can also do a wet cleaning (search around for it), but I haven’t had the guts to try that. About once a year I take my camera bodies into a good shop I know to have them clean them. I think they charge $15 each.

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