Roll Film Holder

Roll Film Holder

A useful tool to have in the darkroom

Once you have a roll of developed film, dried, cut and ready to use you can start printing. The first thing to do is select a frame in the filmstrip to print. Remember that the film will be in negative, the brightest areas in the negative will be in dark areas or shadows in the print. A plot, which appears to have many dark or bright areas many areas is likely to be under or overexposed.

One recommendation is to bracket your shots when you shoot your roll of film, so you will have the option of choosing one of three exhibits. When have all cut film in about five frames per strip, it is advisable to keep them safe in an archival film sleeve. Disconnect the main light and switch the infrared, do not turn on any lights other until it is safe.

Remove the strip of film with the frame to be printed and placed in the film holder side shining above. The holder of the film is placed above the lens of the enlarger. Replace the film holder with the film in the slot in the enlarger. Turn enlarger, this will make the light that shines light through a convex piece of glass through the film to project the film in the shallow pan where should be the easel to hold paper in place.

You can focus and adjust the print size by raising or lowering the enlarger with two knobs usually on the right side of the enlarger (an enlarger to move up and down, the other for accurate focusing.) A useful tool to have in the darkroom is a focus of form, but should help to focus the refusal by the sharpness, although it is possible to focus the eyes once a lot of dedication and care the movements are used. The easiest way Focus is by opening the lens to maximum aperture (like they do with the camera) to allow more light on the ease of image concentration will be much brighter and easier to see.

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