Rolling Camera Backpack

Rolling Camera Backpack
HELP First time flyer and alone?

I’m flying from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis on April 4th. And I don’t know what I’m doing! I’ve got an expensive digital Slr Camera and two lenses and also a laptop. Can I combine the two and put them into a backpack and take it on board as my personal item? I also am not sure if my suitcase will work as a carry on. Its just a simple, normal size rolling suitcase.

Also, what’s the order I do things in? Check in, security, ahh!! I’m freaking out about the airport, not the flight!! I could care less about take off and crap, I’ve flown in little puddle jumper planes, so I’m not scared about that. Its the stinkin airport! Help, please!!!

You can take the camera and laptop on board. Just follow the 10,000 foot rule. You can’t use any electronic equipment below 10,000 feet. Make sure that your checked luggage (not going on the plane) is below 75lbs or they make you pay an extra fee for oversized luggage. The carry on luggage has to be small enough to fit in the overhead bin so I’d stick with a backpack or computer case to be on the safe side. You don’t want to take the chance that they’ll make you check your valuable stuff because your bag is too big.
As far as checkin goes, you can usually do a check in online within 24 hours from your takeoff. You should have gotten a 6 digit reference number when you bought the ticket and you can go to the airline’s website and do an online check in. This allows you to avoid the long line at the airport to check in. You just go to an express line, give them your luggage and your check in receipt and your done. After that, you’ll go to security. They make you take off your shoes and take off any metallic objects like a belt or change in your pocket. Once your on the other side of security you’re home free!

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