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Canon Eos 550D Battery Lp-E8 reviewed Mallbox

Canon EOS 550D Battery LP-E8 Review

The package of Canon Battery LP-E8 is a spare battery or replacement of the Canon EOS 550D and is the original battery supplied with the camera.

The EOS 550D battery compartment is located at the base of the handle of metal behind a plastic hinge of the door. The battery fits horizontally on the base and is held by a color clip white.

Canon EOS 550D Battery LP-E8

The 550D uses a new battery (the title = "canon lp-e8"> Canon LP-E8), which provides information on 4-level battery life and is good for everything from 440 to 480 shots CIPA standard test. This is a little lower the EOS 500D, presumably the new sensor and a touch screen to draw more power. The title = "LP-E8 cells"> LP-E8 battery charges through "Brick" charger supplied.

In many respects, the EOS 550D is a 'baby EOS 7D. Also as an impetus to get a resolution class-leading 18 megapixels and a video mode improved significantly (which now offers full HD capture at up to 30 fps, has a full manual control and the option to use an external stereo microphone), the EOS 550D is sophisticated 7D is the new measuring system (making it much closer to Nikon Slr position similar). It also has a new widescreen (3:2) LCD panel, improved button design and finally, offers the ability to customize the role of ISO automatic.

As before Canon officially not "replace" the EOS 500D with the new 550D, and for the foreseeable future, the EOS 550D will sit in the interval between the EOS 500D and EOS 7D (ignoring for the moment further confusion of the EOS 50D, the new off-specification of the camera in some areas). The Cosmetic changes are part of (a slightly different body design, tweaks to the buttons and mode switch), but the real changes are under the hood.


Chemistry Li-ion Capacity 1120mAh Voltage 7.2V Dimensions 3.7 x 2.7 x 1.1 inches Weight 3.9 oz

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