Screen Protector Olympus

Screen Protector Olympus
how much should i sell my psp for?

I have a silver psp slim 2000 model and its in wonderful condition. it still has the screen protector on from the first day i got it. it will come with a case, and a 6 case game holder, psp and ,charger and also my 16 Amazing games. the only reason im selling it is to get the new psp go.

Need for speed carbon
sims2 castaway
Need For speed Undercover
Rainbow six vegas
star wars battlefront 2 and 3
Napoleon dynamite
god of war chains or Olympus(BEST GAME)
Twisted metal
crazy taxi
nba live 2008
Mx vs. Atv on the edge
Cables Dangerous hunts
mlb 07 the show
Nba street Showdown
family guy

try selling it to gamestop witha ll the games if not sell all of that for 85-137 dollars or trade for somethin money is tight for some ppl like an ipod touch or a dsi with some money